True Detective is back with a new cast, a new setting, and all the makings of another sophomore season on HBO: corruption, scandal, disillusioned detectives, and a brand new but equally gruesome murder case. But another plus to Season 2 is the setting, which is based on a real, small LA town. 

Pop Sugar reports that the city of Vinci is based on a small, industrial town in LA known as Vernon. Because of the place's history of corruption, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto borrowed heavily from its history. Yes, Vinci is actually a notoriously corrupt town called Vernon, located south of LA in California.

Here is a brief history of the City of Vernon which can be echoed in the season:

The City of Vernon was founded by John Baptiste Leonis in 1905. Leonis promoted drinking, gambling, and prizefighting in the city. He was investigated for voter fraud in the 1940s, but the charges were eventually dropped.

The power then went to his grandson, Leonis Malburg, who reigned as a mayor for a long time.

Popsugar also reports that Malburg was convicted of voter fraud in 2009, and that part of the complaint revealed that he did not reside in Vernon. In 2011, an investigation was launched by Los Angeles Times, where it was found that a number of officials were using public money to pay for luxury flights and hotels, this despite the city being nearly half a billion dollars in debt.

Another thing that is remarkable in its history is Eric T. Fresch's mysterious death. Fresch was a city administrator and attorney in Vernon. He was found dead and floating near a state park in the Bay Area.

The coroner's office claimed that his death was an accident. Fresch had died just hours after a state audit was released. The audit revealed severely questionable choices Fresch had made during his tenure as an administrator for Vernon.

According to LA Curbed, True Detective 2 filmed at casinos, old nightclubs, and houses in Los Angeles. They also shot scenes in Delis from Santa Paula to Rancho Palos Verdes. Other settings will showcase the warehouses of Boyle Heights and the over-the-top mansions in Beverly Hills. Fans may also want to watch out for the eerie locations that will be seen in its new season.