New York Is Not Only The Difficult State For Middle Class Families, Los Angeles Is Towing Behind

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Jul 14, 2015 09:40 PM EDT
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NEW YORK, NY - MAY 12: The Statue of Liberty is seen on May 12, 2015 in New York City. . Ellis Island is hosting newiImmigration exhibittitled, 'The Journey: New Eras of Immigration,' looks at immigration to the U.S. from 1954 to the present. (Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Middle class families in New York are now looking for other states to live in due to the cost of living in the state, but according to Realtor, New York is not alone. Los Angeles is also facing the similar issue; the average rent in Los Angeles is at $2,550 for just a two bedroom apartment. As a matter of fact, the disparity between Los Angeles and New York is uglier that is why these two were categorized as the toughest city in the United States to buy a house.

A local, Scott Timberg, who just recently lost his job at Times, shared his story on how difficult it is to live in the city. When he lost his gig at Times, he was forced to let go of his house and look for other states to go. He said that Los Angeles has been a place of fantasy and magical thinking, unlike New York. It is a land of a promise, that is until he lost his job and his house. He also said that LA offers light, space, and nature that is way different of what New York is offering.

Timberg also described LA, at the start as a very romantic love affair that started very sweet and promising but now, when he lost his job and home, he sees LA as a girl that cheated on her and left him with a disease.

Going across the nation, Gothamist said that if someone wants to live in Queens, New York, you must at pay the average apartment rent which is at $2,900 a month. This is a 31% from last year due to the median rent of the northwest and east Brooklyn region. On the other hand, rent in Brooklyn is at a staggering $3,201 a month.

Although the numbers for Queens and Brooklyn are high, Manhattan is still at $3,299. 

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