Real estate is a tough and super-competitive industry. Competition is ever growing and if you're not at the top of your game, your competitors can easily grab a prospecting business from you. So to keep your real estate marketing growing, always keep your leads coming.

One of the most effective ways to generate online leads is through LinkedIn Crawling. LinkedIn Crawling is where "a computer automatically visits 400 profiles of target customers in one day. This means 400 people a day will be notified about you. About 2-4% of these individuals will reach out and connect with you!"

So how do you do it?

You need to use Google Chrome and download the extension "LinkClump"

You need to setup the extension to open up links in new tabs while holding the shift key

Head over to a LinkedIn group that has your target audience in it.

Go to the members section and drag your mouse over all the links while holding shift. This will open up all their profiles. 

Now, 400 people will see your name. You should change your profile to invite people to connect with you. Also, connect with people that just look back at your profile and continue!

Here are more of the best ways to generate real estate leads:

  • Have a blog or website set up for success. And start blogging daily.
  • Run Facebook Ads to your landing pages.
  • Volunteer at a big event.
  • Start a group.
  • Organize a neighborhood safety awareness program.
  • Post flyers on every house's doors in the neighborhood.
  • Hand out pens as these will stay with people longer.
  • Host a block party.
  • Start a social media channel based around the houses in the area.
  • Call past clients for referrals.
  • Help college courses related to real estate.
  • Make informational videos about buying homes.
  • Start an email marketing campaign.
  • Market to friends and family.
  • Answer your phone in a professional manner.
  • Hire graphic designers to make your website look better and more professional.
  • Record any speaking engagements and post it on Youtube.
  • Use Bufferapp to schedule more social media posts.
  • Hand out your business cards wherever you go.
  • Co-brand with another local business owner.