Who would The Flash be backing up in the "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie if rumors are true that the lightning-inspired character will be making a cameo role in the upcoming DC Comics shared universe film? According to reports, Flash, for his part, might be caught by a surveillance camera showing a swift action to stop a crime in the movie. But who is he working with? 

The Flash's reported appearance also gave some credibility to another rumor that the "Wonder Woman" solo film is actually the beginning of more DC Cinematic Universe films featuring its other characters, according to Master Herald.

Previously, it was reported that Jared Leto, who will play the Joker, is also going to appear in the "Batman v. Superman" film via a flashback scene showing one of the most unforgettable sequences from the comic books, where Robin died after he was beaten to death by Joker.

Moreover, prior to the recent reports about The Flash making a cameo role in the film, Aquaman, to be played by Jason Momoa, was also rumored to be making a cameo role. There are also reports that Wonder Woman, to be played by Gal Gadot, will be appearing in the movie, too. This has led to speculations that viewers may see a "jailbreak" led by Batman after organizing his team of superheroes.

A lot of questions have developed as more are revealed about the upcoming movie, making fans wait with so much anticipation. According to Master Herald, the release date of "Batman v. Superman" is set on March 26, 2016.