Based on real estate agent's experience, the hardest clients that they have to deal with are quarreling divorcing couples attempting to sell their home. 

Divorcing couples should set aside the bitterness that they feel on each other and focus on one goal, whether it's agreeing to continue living together, turn the home over to one spouse, or sell it.

When there's a mutual desire to sell a house, each party always wants to maximize the value; they also want the house to be sold as quickly as possible because they want closure. A house was a couples' biggest financial asset, so selling a home can be the most convenient way to handle.

A report from Washington Post news says that the difference between the divorcing younger and older couple is that younger couple with children might discontinue the selling of their home, while older couples and empty nesters tend to sell.

The best way to begin this process is to have a plan together with their lawyers if necessary. And Ben Hodas, a Miami divorce lawyer who is known for handling divorce cases of the wealthy in South Florida, advised to choose real estate agents rather than a friend. Decide what will be the price and if it doesn't sell, the two must agree on a time frame to lower a certain amount.

Other option is that, the couple shares the house. It is called "nesting". Some people with kids decide to share a house to cause less emotional disruption to their children, and less financial disruption for themselves as well. Jody Donaldson, a Chantilly-based real estate agent said that some couples can't sell because they are upside-down on their mortgage. 

According to News Domain, the best way to make the nesting work is to have a firm ground rules that everyone agrees on. And this will only work if the couple still gets along quite well.