The Season 1 finale of CW's action series "The Flash" has left fans hanging and excited for Season 2. Before the second season of the show starts this fall, Latino Post listed the possible events and spoilers that fans may look forward to in the next season.

After the character's introduction in the first season, Firestorm will likely have new powers in Season 2. According to Screen Rant, Firestorm will possibly have the ability to manipulate all matter, as it is in the comic books. Apparently, according to the report, there was supposed to be a scene in the finale where Firestorm turned a thermometer into a flower. The reports said that the scene was edited out since the producers didn't see the relevance of it to the show.

Aside from characters having new abilities, a new hero will also reportedly appear in the second season. It was rumored that Wally West could make an appearance in Season 2. The character will most likely be played by actor Franz Drameh, who was earlier announced as part of the show.

Barry (Grant Gustin) will also have a new love interest in a new character named Wendy. As of writing, CW is still looking for an actress to play the new major character, which is described to be a spunky and funny cop from the Central City Police Department. This character will reportedly most likely be introduced as early as the episode 2 of the second season.

CW has not announced a release date yet for the show, but Den of Geek has made a smart prediction about the show's premiere date. Based on the theories, the first season of "The Flash" premiered a day before the first episode of "Arrow" Season 3. This time, they expect Season 2 of "The Flash" to start a day before the first episode of "Arrow" Season 4, which is on October 7. Therefore, the second season of "The Flash" is expected to debut on October 6.

Source: YouTube/Promos and Previews