Real Estate Advice: 6 Tips to Make Your Online Listing Standout

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Jun 05, 2015 08:00 AM EDT
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LONDON - MAY 10: In this photo illustration the homepage of an online estate agent is displayed on a computer screen on May 10, 2006 in London, England. (Photo : Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

If you would like your online listing to standout among literally millions of other listings, iPad-taken photos just wouldn't cut it.

Melanie Siben, a Rutenberg certified real estate agent and negotiation expert, shares: "Think of it like online dating. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so everything from your photos to your wording has to be on point from the get-go", in a blog entry on Trulia.

So how exactly do you draw potential buyers to your property through an online listing? Real estate experts share the must-do's in putting up an online listing.

1. Go for a pro!

Real estate agents are there for a reason; and yes, you will need to seek their service if you want some effective marketing for your property. When listing a property online, an agent could help you identify your property's strongest selling points, potential target market, and just about how these factors should be used for your advantage.

2. Professional-looking photos

Go for the visual attack. Photos are on the top list of the most important things you should consider, says  Melanie Siben has the same thoughts in the article saying: "Online listings are all about the photos. Don't compromise on quality - hire a photographer who specializes in shooting interiors."

3. Do some production

An empty room doesn't make people relate or connect to a property. "Photos of vacant rooms are dull," says Siben. Usually, buyers would like to see the possibilities with a space, Siben expounds. Justin Udy of Century 21 Everest Realty Group thinks that hiring a professional stager may be a wise thing to do: "A stager will make adjustments and recommendations that are typically simple yet extremely helpful."

4. Go for simple and clean

You don't want to exude anxiety when buyers look at your photos -- and clutter equals anxiety -- so choose to display a simple and clean aura. "Simplicty sells," says Siben.

5. Take the photos at dusk

What? Yes, that matters too. "These twilight photos as the sun goes down with all lights on are completely different than the majority of homes you see online taken at midday where the sun is the brightest and colors are muted," says Udy.

6. Choose the right keywords

Siben and Udy both think that using the right key phrases will significantly increase the chance of a successful online listing. Choose compelling words for the title and text to trigger the buyer's imagination. Also, do not forget to highlight your property's amenities, features, and proximity to the surrounding areas. 

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