'Avengers 3: Infinity Wars' Cast, Plot Update & Release Date: Here's Everything We Know So Far!

Posted by Manuella Pamintuan Lamorena (media@latinospost.com) on Apr 28, 2015 08:20 AM EDT
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'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron' cast at the Hollywood premiere of 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.'more big
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"Avengers: The Age of Ultron" is yet to hit theaters in the United States and yet fans of the franchise are already looking forward to know what's next for the superhero crew. While the third and fourth installments of the Avengers story is still a few years away, it seems that the people in Marvel are determined to make "Avengers: Infinity Wars" one, if not the most exciting movie in their cinematic universe.

For followers of the comic books and the movie franchise, it is already given that Thanos would be the foremost villain in the upcoming movies. This has been hinted with the mid-credits scene that showed the Mad Titan with the gauntlet and in search of the other Infinity Stones.

However, according to Youth Health Mag, it seems that Thanos would not be the only one to wreak havoc in the upcoming films.

Kyle Buchanan shared on his Twitter an excerpt of his interview with director Joss Whedon. In his interview, Whedon revealed that more "bad guys" would join the Titan on his quest to destroy the Avengers.

Whedon noted that Thanos is not meant to be the "sole" villain in the next two films, as Marvel is not known to "string a story out in two movies that shouldn't be two movies."

But while the director is certain there would be more enemies to face the Avengers in their upcoming movies, it has been confirmed that Whedon would not return to shoot the sequels.

Screen Rant cited "sheer exhaustion" as the main reason he is not coming back to helm the two films. Instead, Joe and Anthony Russo would take the reins from him. The Russo brothers are also in charge of directing the third film in the "Captain America" series.

Unlike the studio's approach in its previous films, Marvel has decided to shoot "Infinity Wars 1 & 2" straight for nine months, as revealed by Chris Evans.

The actor, who played Steve Rogers, said in an interview with Esquire that his entire 2016 has been planned already, as he does his projects with Marvel. He noted, "That's going to be like nine months to shoot both movies back to back."

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear which other characters and heroes Marvel would include in the upcoming sequels. Some reports suggest that Spider-Man would join the crew.

An article on Cinema Blend notes that as the web slinger was given a go signal to join Captain America in his third film, he could also be included in the mix of superheroes who would fight Thanos and his quest to rule the galaxy.

"Avengers: Infinity Wars" Part 1 would hit theaters in May 2018 while Part 2 would be shown a year after, in May 2019.

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