The story of Frank Underwood is set to continue with the Fourth Season of "House of Cards" having been announced. Next year the show will continue over at Netflix and new rumors are already surfacing with regards to where the story may take fans.

Earlier this month, "House of Cards" season 4 was confirmed to arrive in 2016 and with another term comes more political intrigue, reports The New York Times.

"Netflix confirmed that a fourth season of its original House of Cards political drama is in the works and will debut next year," wrote the publication.

Now that the Underwood power couple Kevin Spacey (Frank) and Robin Wright (Claire) have set foot in the White House, it appears we'll be tackling the President's bid for re-election. From the report, fans can expect the same pace seen everyone enjoyed during the third season. In a report by IDigitalTimes, the publication teased insider information that indicates the plot of the new season may feature "Frank Underwood's dowfall."

The site highlighted the return of Constance Zimmer (Janine Skorsky) and cites she may be a possible trigger. It's been revealed that Zimmer will appear at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner but details as to her return have remained mum.

"Frank Underwood spent most of House of Cards season 3 on the defensive, but never actually on the decline, at least not until the very end. And he hasn't lost yet. But much as Claire will bethe villain of the next season, and key to his ultimate downfall, his collapse can't come from politics alone. He rose by shady means; therefore he must fall by the light of justice being shown on his crimes-via journalism!!"

Another character we can estimate will continue to stir up trouble will be Claire. While we can't confirm if she will be taking the presidency, Write teased in the April 13 issue of OK Magazine, per Classicalite, that a female president is something we need.

"We need a female President. Women are very communal...Men can get combative in a group setting, and that's why nothing gets done. So why not try a new way of thinking."

"House of Cards" season 4 will begin production in June with filming expected to wrap up before the year closes. The new episodes will premiere on Netflix sometime in February 2016.