The name Jordan Cohen may not ring a bell, but the estate director for RE/MAX Olson & Associates Estate Brokerage in Westlake Village is the go-to real estate agent of the professional athletes in the country, reports LA Times.

Cohen can actually claim the title of the Athletes' Real Estate Agent simply because he has represesented several athletes in various fields, including Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers, Pete Sampras, a Tennis Legend, Reggie Miller, an NBA Veteran, Marcus Allen a Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Pau Gasol of Chicago Bulls, as seen on his website.

He only has one assistant, Kristin Dougherty, yet his listing deals amass to more than $100M yearly, says LA Times.

According to his own website,, in 2012, he closed deals worth $107M and the following year, he surpassed the figure with $120M. Because of these achievements, he was awarded with titles such as #1 RE/MAX Agent in the Western United States and #2 Agent in the Country in 2012, besting more than 83,000 RE/MAX Agents.

Cohen is a sports-aficionado as well, which actually helped him talk to his high-profile and sporty clients. His parents were very supportive of him when he was young and engaged him in football, LA Times notes.

However, as soon as he graduated from the CAL State Northridge, he directly went to real estate.

"A 23-year-old in the office, I was rare," Cohen told LA Times. "Nowadays, with reality shows and things like that, you get a lot of people going right into real estate. It's a young man's game," he added.

Initially, he had a hard time with his chosen profession. He only had around $6,000 commissions in the beginning from lower-priced homes. Cohen confessed, "I failed because I didn't know what I was doing." However, he persevered and even practiced selling properties with the aid of his wife. "I read those scripts every night and developed my pitch until I could perform with confidence," he said.

Then, through Cohen's friends, Dana and David Pump, he got his first professional athlete client, UCLA's Don MacLean. He was ecstatic remebering that first great deal. "That was not only my first athlete deal, but my first million-dollar deal," he said.

He used the commission he got from the MacLean deal to transfer residence. He moved to Westlake Village and the rest is history.

Cohen's Tips

1. Print media advertising sells. Use social media as tools.

To all real estate agents, this tip may surprise you in these modern times. He does not do digital marketing that much, rather, basing on his own experience, he believes that what sells better is print media ads, LA Times notes.

"I don't agree that print is dead," said Cohen. He revealed that he was able to sell the Marilyn Manson's home via LA Times' blog in 24 hours and not through an online market. However, he also said that social media can also enhance the business. He embraced change and used them as tools, notes LA Times.

2. Build friendship.

He is really close to Kobe Bryant, in fact the basketball star helped with his son's birthday, LA Times notes. More than the money or the business, build lasting friendships, Cohen advised.

3. Train yourself and always be prepared.

Whether it is a small deal or a big deal, you must always be prepared for your presentation, stated Cohen. This will bring you confidence and help you succeed.