How to Sell Your House and Net a Solid Profit
(Photo : Image by Pexels from Pixabay )

With winter on its way, now's the perfect time to start prepping your house for sale. Selling your home, however, it's not always as simple as it may seem. There are various things you need to do, so you can secure a reasonable profit. Here's how to sell your house and net a good profit on top of it.

Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent

The first step to selling your house is to find a trustworthy real estate agent. A good agent makes this whole process easier simply by staying current with the latest marketing trends. However, finding a real estate agent you can trust can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. To find a good real estate agent, you need to make sure that they're not only in this for themselves. You can get a written disclosure that guarantees the agent acts only within your standards and interests. Don't forget to read the reviews left by the agent's previous clients to get a first impression of them.

Consider Getting a Few Upgrades

If your home is outdated, there's nothing a few upgrades won't fix. In fact, modernizing your home can help draw in more than a handful of buyers. Modernizing your house includes updating old appliances, adding new light fixtures and even adding amenities such as a garage or swimming pool. One upgrade you should consider are futuristic home lifts. These are a special type of lift you can have installed inside of the house. Not only would this make the house more accessible for the elderly and disabled, this amenity could boost the property value as well. However, installing this amenity does require a bit of investment on your behalf. Home lifts come in a variety of price points. However, they tend to cost around $20,000 to $30,000 on average. And this price heavily depends on the type you choose.

There are four type lifts you can have installed:

  • Pneumatic vacuum lifts
  • Traction drive lifts
  • Winding drum lifts
  • Roped hydraulic lifts

Despite having the same purpose, each lift functions differently, so be sure to consult a specialist prior to making a final decision.

Deep Clean Your Home

Before you can officially list your home for sale, you need to prepare it for showing it off to buyers and taking pictures. Since you want to present the house as warm, welcoming and spacious, you'll have to clean it thoroughly. If you already feel overwhelmed by this task make a cleaning schedule so that you can chip away at it and still be efficient.

Remove all the surrounding clutter, like toys, baskets, and pet kennels. Make sure you store it in an organized fashion. You'd be surprised how many potential buyers look inside closets and cupboards. Invest in proper storage to ensure your home looks as neat as possible. If there's any carpet, it's in your best interest to have it professionally cleaned. In addition, when taking pictures of each room, make sure to remove any personal items in the room. It gives potential buyers a clean slate where they can envision how they would decorate the house.