Carmel Partners’ Latest California Properties Built with Mass Transit in Mind
(Photo : Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash)

The quintessential car culture of California is changing, and multifamily developers are taking note.  One prominent developer, Carmel Partners, recently launched a group of transit-oriented new projects in Los Angeles and the Bay Area-namely The Asher, Atlas, Linea, and Cumulus District.  Each property exemplifies the shift towards living closer to mass transit-for a more walkable, convenient, and sustainable lifestyle.

A new generation of city planners hopes to move away from California's car-centric cities in favor of more traversable cityscapes. San Francisco's MTA Director Jeff Tumlin makes a compelling argument for the power of transportation in a fascinating article titled Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet-Not Cars.

"Almost no matter what you want to do with cities, transportation is the fastest and most cost-effective way of achieving your goals," he said. "If you want to reduce CO2 emissions, if you want to advance social equity, if you want to foster small business success, if you want to increase land value, if you want to increase public health, if you want to reduce fatalities and injuries-transport is the place to do it."

Even driving slightly less can make a significant impact on sustainability. Tik Root and John Schwartz point out in their article, One Thing We Can Do: Drive Less, "that even driving just 10 percent less-if everyone did it-would have a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions."

Whether you are ready to go car-free or want to make your contribution to a healthier environment by taking the train a few days a week, Carmel Partners is committed to doing its part by providing more transit-friendly living options.

Each of the following Carmel Partners' communities in Los Angeles and the Bay area were designed with an eye toward helping residents lower their carbon footprint by providing them with easy access to nearby transit. Each provides an alternative to suburban sprawl while offering an elevated living experience.

Cumulus District: Located at the corner of La Cienega and Jefferson, Cumulus District is near the heart of Los Angeles. This vibrant retail and residential destination is adjacent to the Expo Line-a 15.2-mile light rail system between DTLA and Santa Monica. USC's main campus, Exposition Park (including the California Science Center and Natural History Museum), Crenshaw District, Culver City, Santa Monica Pier, and Third Street Promenade are all within a short train ride. This proximity to safe and clean public transportation makes getting around LA easy and fast.

Linea: Linea, one of Los Angeles' most desirable communities, is situated in a convenient West LA location adjacent the new Expo Line, providing easy access to greater Los Angeles without needing a motor vehicle. Linea was designed to provide climate conscious residents an attractive, convenient, and socially responsible alternative to suburbia. This community strikes the right balance between the hustle of downtown living and the slower pace of a coastal community. At Linea, it is all within your reach.

Atlas: With easy transit access, Atlas is located near the best of downtown Oakland where people come to enjoy a diverse atmosphere with local makers, innovative co-working spaces, great food, and an immense sense of pride. Oakland's population is one of the fastest-growing in the Bay Area. It has an influx of people and businesses from many backgrounds feeding the energy and spirit that have always made Oaklanders proud to call this town their own. The 12th Street BART station is only half a block away and will serve as your gateway to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The Asher:  As the first residential development of its kind in Fremont, The Asher embodies and inspires a sense of discovery. Brimming with beautiful views, bikeable cafes, craft breweries, the neighborhood is where the warm California air meets the vitality of East Bay and Silicon Valley. Located less than a quarter-mile from the Fremont BART station, the community is conveniently located near Tesla and Facebook headquarters. The Asher's Fremont location provides residents an unparalleled opportunity to be at the vortex of several of the city's hottest tech companies.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, a new day is dawning for public transit systems and environmentally friendly walkable neighborhoods in California. Professionals and artists alike are attracted to Carmel Partner's mass transit and walkable properties as they seek a mobile, socially diverse, and ecologically-friendly lifestyle.

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