What Is An Efficiency Apartment?
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Where we live can significantly affect the quality of our lives, which is why we should be careful when choosing the type of property to rent or buy. Living in a home that's too small or too expensive will likely cause stress and prevent us from being productive during the day. 

Today, efficiency apartments are making waves in different parts of the globe. This kind of living accommodation offers features that are inexistent in traditional homes, which is why more and more people are choosing to live and even invest in it. 

What Are Efficiency Apartments?

As the name suggests, efficiency apartments are small apartment units that combine the functionality of different rooms into one. Generally, efficiency apartments combine the features of a typical bedroom, kitchen, and living space into a single room. 

They are often smaller than studios and don't have separate kitchens. Bathrooms are the only areas private in an efficiency apartment. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Renting an Efficiency Apartment?

To determine whether efficiency apartments are suited to our lifestyles, we need to consider the pros and cons of this living accommodation. Sure, an efficiency apartment may be able to provide everything we can possibly need for basic living, but we shouldn't ignore its drawbacks. 


  • Affordable: Efficiency apartments are more affordable than other types of living spaces. This is one of the reasons why they are great options for single adults who earn modest incomes. 

  • Easy to clean and maintain: Because efficiency apartments are smaller, cleaning and maintaining them can be a breeze. 

  • Access to various apartment amenities: Efficiency apartments are often situated in properties that offer different amenities, such as gym and pool use.  


  • Limited space: Its dimensions can become an issue, especially for individuals who own a lot of valuables or who feel easily suffocated by tight spaces.

  • No privacy: Because efficiency apartments have an open floor layout, it'll be challenging to have privacy when there are guests over. 

  • Kitchen smells: Since there is no separate enclosed area for cooking, kitchen smells can make the entire apartment smell bad. 

What Does an Efficiency Apartment Look Like?

Efficiency apartments look similar to studios minus the full kitchen. Most are roughly the size of a high school classroom and follow a very simple layout. Because of their size, efficiency apartments can have a very cozy ambiance and may encourage a minimalist lifestyle. 

Where Does One Find an Efficiency Apartment?

Efficiency apartments are common in large cities where unit sizes tend to be smaller, such as San Francisco and New York City. When searching for this kind of living space online, be careful of landlords who advertise efficiency apartments as studios since the two are similar.

Knowledge is Power 

Living in an efficiency apartment comes with several pros, but the cons should also be considered before buying or renting one. Use this information to help manage your expectations and assess whether efficiency apartments suit your lifestyle and budget.

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