Ultra-Modern Homes That Will Knock Your SocksOff
(Photo : Ultra-Modern Homes That Will Knock Your SocksOff)

Our homes are an expression of our personalities and the way we live our lives. Every element from the structure to the kitchen hardware and the furnishings work together to create a design style. 

One of the most popular and timeless design styles is the modern style. This year's design and construction trends show that modernity is still very much in vogue. 

Sometimes it's hard to find the style and design you're looking for in a house that's already constructed. Whether that's the case or you're looking to create a home all your own, new construction may be the best option. 

Building can be a daunting task, but it ends with a home completely tailored to your design taste and functional needs. Just make sure you look into Intro new build home insurance to protect your dream home.

What is modern?

The modern moniker can be misleading. The term "modern" is often used to describe the present, the here and now. When this term is used in design, however, it has a slightly different connotation. 

Modern home design and construction actually reference the past. Modern design is an homage to the style of the 1920s through the 1970s. More often than not, people looking for modern style envision the "mid-century modern" of the 1950s and 60s, but the Art Deco of the 1920s and the more wild trends of the 70s are widely considered part of the modern era as well. 

This design style focuses on form and lines. Modern style usually has clean, bold lines, warm and natural wood tones, and bright, primary colors. The idea is to create a sense of symmetry and balance in a comfortable, relaxed space.

Modern on the Outside

The exterior of your home sets the tone for interior design. Incorporate these four modern elements to make an eye-catching statement and create a cohesive, all-around home design style. 

#1 - Cubes

One exterior trend in home design is the use of cube shapes. Cubes consist of bold, straight lines and sharp, angular corners. This fits in perfectly with the mid-century modern feel that never seems to go out of style. 

People are adding cubic additions to pre-existing homes for a stark contrast and nod to that sought-after modern design. New homes can be constructed in this cubic, angular fashion to achieve a very modern, minimalist look.

#2 - Quirky, Angular Architecture

Keeping with the sharp angles of cubes, many homes are turning to a funkier architectural design. This trend keeps with the bold lines of the modern school but gives a home more uniqueness. The quirk is introduced in how these angular shapes are placed, or constructed, together. 

Some homes showcase three sharp rectangles stacked in a slightly askew pattern. This design gives the house an element of fun and whimsy but kicks up the functional aspect. The offset and angular design allows for more exterior windows to let in more natural light and showcase any breathtaking views. 

The modern trend of quirk and angles has found a major focus on a home's front door. The current trend is to make the front door a statement piece. It's the first thing people see when they visit your home, so why not make it big and bold?  Try finding a door with those same sharp angles to give any house a hint of modernity.

#3 - No Curves, Just Straight Lines 

There is a big push to change any arched doorway or curved modeling to a more modern, straight line. The best example of this trend is in home window installation.

 Many people are changing outdated windows with the angular, grid windows of years past. The angles in the windows mimic the straight lines in modern architecture and interior design. 

It's also a current trend to add in more exterior windows - the ones with straight, angular lines, of course. More windows increase the amount of natural light in a space and mesh well with the current, modern swing of home design. 

#4 - Natural Wood Accents

Many home exteriors are getting a facelift with the addition of natural wood accents. People are adding touches of natural wood in large architectural beams or paneled siding in small accents. These accents continue to showcase those straight, angular lines of the modern style. Think 70s paneling, but natural and unfinished wood. 

Modern on the Inside

Many of the exterior trends can be found in interior design as well. The blend of these five modern elements inside helps create a balanced and inviting space that guests won't be quick to leave.

1 - Texture 

Modern design includes a lot of texture. There is a push to mix and match textures in furniture pieces and more permanent design styles. 

The current trend is to add texture to the wall treatments and even tile choices. This is very similar to the 70s, which boasted shag carpets, velvet couches, and rattan furniture pieces. 

2 - Color 

Color is a big part of modern design. Typically, modern design calls for neutral colors with pops of primary colors in fun and unique ways. 

The trend now, however, is to add warm, earthly tones to your modern design. These tones work well with the natural tones in the wood accents often found in more modern homes. 

When it comes to kitchens in particular, color is a must. The current trend is a deep or sage green color on the cabinets to add depth and contrast in an unexpected room of the house. Creating the perfect modern kitchen is a hot trend this year and really makes a statement.

3 - Divided Spaces

Open concept has been a big trend in home design. The hope is to decrease the number of walls permanently dividing the major floor or communal, entertaining spaces. This is still on trend, but with one change: temporary division. 

The idea is to create smaller spaces within the open concept to ensure functionality and allow larger spaces to become more multipurpose. Modern design dictates that these temporary dividers match the overall design. These dividers should have straight lines or angular designs to keep the modern aesthetic. 

4 - Cocooning Furniture 

Furniture pieces can go a long way in creating the modern vibe. The newest trend is to style your space with "cocooning furniture." The idea is to create cozy spaces that allow the lounger to sink into them and create a kind of cocoon around themselves. Think the iconic 70s beanbag. 

These pieces add to the texture in a space. They add depth and comfort in a design style that can feel cold or stark without these more grounding elements. If you are unsure how to get that textured element, start with fun and comfortable furniture pieces. 

5 - Keep It Minimal

Any design style or aesthetic can become overwhelming, and the modern design is no different. The elements of the design concept you choose to incorporate into your home should work together without overwhelming the space. Try to keep additional details to a minimum. Minimalism is key to modern design. 

It's All About the Features and Amenities

Modern design does have an element of "The Jetsons" to it. Ultra-modern homes are quick to include the next generation of automated gadgets or technological gizmos.

 High-end security systems and fully integrated operating systems are just the start of the features seen in many modern homes. Smart home features are expansive and ever-changing, so keep on top of the trend of these high-tech homes. 

Modern Insurance for Your Modern Home

The most important part of any home design is the insurance meant to protect it. After all the research and design decisions have been made, make sure your home is fully insured by thoroughly investigating what is covered by comprehensive home insurance.

If you're building your home from the ground up, make sure you are fully insured from the moment you break ground to the moment you move in and start enjoying your dream home.

About The Author: Laura Gunn is an insurance expert who researches and writes for the insurance comparison site, ExpertInsuranceReviews.com. She is a fan of all things modern and loves seeing the next trend in the housing market.