Yenny Hanley Lists 4 Things to Consider When Buying Your Dream Home in Miami
(Photo : Yenny Hanley Lists 4 Things to Consider When Buying Your Dream Home in Miami)

Yenny Hanley knows a thing or two about high-end real estate. She started working in a contract administration and office management role before becoming an agent, Hanley is now a top producing general real estate agent, an in house developer agent, and vice president of sales for baccarat residences in Miami, FL. She has a reputation for transparency and dynamic professional relationships with the biggest real estate figures in Miami. With over $100 million in sales, Yenny has some valuable advice when it comes to buying your dream home in this city of the future.


Yenny places great emphasis on professional relationships. Cultivating this trust has resulted in her formidable success. She advises people to find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, understands the area, and comprehends client needs. Yenny always puts the needs of her clients first and takes genuine happiness in seeing them secure the home of their choice. No matter where a client comes from, walking that person through the entire process is a must. 


Believing in complete transparency with her clients, Yenny discloses that a bigger challenge is limited inventory. This limited inventory is mostly in highly desirable areas. Yet, Yenny is always up for a challenge, and she hunts day and night for that perfect property on an individualized basis. It might take a little longer than a person would like, but patience does pay off.

Know Your Areas

It is important for people to be familiar with the different areas of Miami when shopping for a dream home. Luckily, Yenny knows this city very well and can suggest the ideal location based on individual needs. One client might need an excellent school district while another could be looking for a home in the booming business district.

Investment Value

As Miami is growing exponentially, a home in this city is an investment. Yenny has an uncanny ability of recommending a perfect property that doubles as an investment value. Whether you are looking to sell in a few years or turn your purchase into a rental property, Miami offers a wide array of possibilities.

Yenny Hanley has a true passion for real estate and the shining city of Miami. This is very obvious to her clients as she helps to make their dreams come true with authenticity, transparency, and a good heart.