13 Small Dining Room Ideas That Will Make Your Room Seem Bigger
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The past few years have brought us few changes when it comes to designing your home. Open spaces are in fashion, and small, closed rooms seem to be the product of the past. However, many people can't afford to change the basic design of their house or flat. Small rooms also have their charm.

Nevertheless, if you don't like to live in small, closed spaces, some tricks will make your room seem bigger. They come in handy, especially when you want to redecorate rooms that are supposed to accommodate many people, like living rooms or dining rooms. In this article, you can find 13 helpful tips on how to make your dining room more spacious.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for a small room is essential. Take a look at the room size and decide what kind of furniture you are going to keep and which you are going to replace. Don't choose heavy or bulky furniture pieces as they will make the dining room look smaller. Go with sleek and minimalistic designs instead. This is especially true when it comes to wall units. You can easily find entertainment wall unit at Sena that doesn't take up too much space, so check it out!

Choose Light Colors for the Walls

Light colors and light-colored furniture bring more space into a room. Use white or light-colored walls to enhance the space in your dining room. Dark colors, on the other hand, close the space. White, light gray, and other light-colored walls allow the room to expand visually. Using paint with a creamy shade will help you create a homely atmosphere in your dining room.

Use Mirrors To Open up the Space

Mirrors can be used in a lot of ways to enlarge a room. You can install them vertically on the wall opposite the window or horizontally along the walls. Mirrors reflect light, which makes a room brighter and more spacious. They also reflect the surrounding objects, so you can hide them behind them. Moreover, they make the room look larger by giving the impression that the room is longer than it actually is. This is why mirrors are perfect for small dining rooms! You can use this trick in combination with any other tricks from our list to create an illusion of space in your dining room!

Install a mirror along one of the walls to create the illusion of space. You can also place a mirror behind decorative objects (e.g., vases) or use it as a picture frame to make the wall look wider. Mirrors are a really powerful tool for making small rooms look bigger!

Use Plants as Decoration Elements

Plants are great at creating a pleasant atmosphere in a room, especially if you choose larger plants. This way, you can create a bigger impression of space in your dining room without using any artificial lighting. Plants also improve air quality, which is always a good thing!

The more natural light you have in your dining room, the better. If there's no window or you have a small one, consider adding artificial flowers.

Use Light Colors for the Upholstery

Light upholstery colors are more suitable for a small room than dark ones. Dark colors absorb light and make the room closed and heavy. They also create a lot of visual clutter and clutter our perception of space in a room. Light upholstery colors, on the other hand, reflect light and make your dining room look open and airy.

Use Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper makes a dining room look bigger because it adds depth to it. It creates an optical illusion of space so that your dining room seems bigger. When choosing wallpaper for your dining room, go for patterns with smaller shapes because they have less visual weight than large ones. Small and repeated patterns will be best suited for this purpose.

Use Light-Colored Wood Furniture

Light-colored wood furniture catches more light than darker ones do, so it reflects more light into your dining room. This way, your dining room will look brighter and feel more spacious. If you need to replace any furniture, go with light-colored wood furniture.

Use Mirrored Table Tops

This idea works best when you already have a rectangular table with an even surface. If you don't have one, consider buying one and using mirrored tabletops or glass tabletops. This will give the mirror effect and make your dining room seem bigger than it actually is!

Use Tall Tables and Chairs

The taller the table and chairs are, the more spacious the room will seem. It is important to choose tables and chairs that are tall if you have a small dining room. Tall tables and chairs will make the room seem bigger, even if it's small..


A small room doesn't have to look and feel small! There are many ways in which we can trick the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it is. That being said, by placing the wrong pieces and colors we can also accidentally make a space feel smaller than it is as well.

You should choose light colors for the walls, remove any extra furniture you don't use, utilize mirrors to expand the space, bring life into the room with plants, choose a place with high ceilings if possible, use floor lamps for light, light-colored furniture, center your furniture, pick mirrored tabletops, and use tall tables and chairs.

All these things will make a huge difference and make your space appear much larger than it is. Sure, it won't be a quick fix if it's not about the visual space but actual space, but if you think that it is enough if your room seems larger instead of actually being larger, then these ideas should be helpful. Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel confident in giving your dining room a much-needed makeover and making the space look and feel bigger.