Meet Adriana Brito: A Top Miami Real Estate Expert
(Photo : Anton Kirindongo)

Grand 20-foot-high floor-to-ceiling windows, mixed with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, are among some of the characteristics of condominium properties Adriana Brito continues to sell in Miami. Complementing this visual brilliance is Adriana, in her stylish designer outfit, with her bright confident gaze and reassuring smile. "Investing in a multi-million-dollar property in a global city is a complex affair, but Adriana makes it feel like a breeze", says one of her clients. Adriana has been helping several A-listers around the world find their dream home in the ever-booming Magic City.

Born in Miami, Adriana naturally carries the positive vibe that this city is known for. 'My Miami is a global city. It has the third tallest skyline in all of America', she says with pride. Soaring along the giant skyscrapers is the competition in the real estate market of Miami. With developers increasing their game by providing seven-star amenities at a greater value, the city is attracting investments that would otherwise have gone to other top cities. The Brickell Flatiron penthouse property deal that she recently closed is one example of Miami's current real estate boom and the latest addition to Adriana's numerous achievements.

'Miami is the next big thing, a young city that has so much room to grow', says Adriana. Housing several international banks, global enterprises, cultural icons, and global development initiatives in healthcare, biotechnology, and tourism, Miami is truly a confluence of futuristic ideas and a germinating ground of the new world. Seamlessly merging with this business pace is Miami's other side that Adriana equally cherishes - the beach, the sun, the luxury spas, international cuisines, and the generally upbeat vibe of the Miami folk. 'Miami has everything to suit my every mood', she says.

People who are looking to make high-end investments in real estate are not only looking for agents to guide them; they are looking for a friend who they can trust.  Adriana is fully aware of this fact. 'People love interesting people', says Adriana, 'My clients love me not because I get them good deals, but because I connect with them as a friend. They need to trust me, and feel comfortable around me, before they can make up their mind on a property. If I'm not inspiring, they have no reason to waste their time with me', she says.

'How does she keep herself and her clients inspired?', we ask. 'I do the usual thing successful people do', she says with a twinkle in her eyes, 'I just love what I do'.