Miami hotel
(Photo : Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Pharrell Williams and David Grutman's new business venture in South Beach, Miami will make you forget all about the crazy pandemic that we have just experienced and give you nothing but a good time.

The newly-opened resort in Miami is not like any other resort in the famous beach stretch, but a place that will surely take you back in time while having a full Instagrammable moment.

In an open-door interview with Architectural Digest, the singer-songwriter and the nightlife entrepreneur showcased the breathtaking "Goodtime Hotel," designed by Ken Fulk.

Throwback Resort

According to Grutman, the 266-room hotel brimming with tropical murals, corals, and eye-refreshing pastel colors is inspired by a combined throwback and modern designs.

"After talking with Pharrell and Ken, we all agreed on a throwback resort vibe, but made for today," Grutman told AD.

"You see this in the color choices...alongside the striped pastel tiling in the pools, the entryway downstairs with its tropical murals, the scalloped bar chairs, and other design details that are spread throughout the entire hotel," he added.

Williams, on the other hand, described his latest business venture as a place that radiates "good energy, good vibrations, good space, and, of course, a good time."

"The soothing colors, very thoughtful designs, and that retro feel all contribute to that balance," William continued.

The Goodtime Hotel opened its doors to the guests last April 8, 2021.

The Guest Rooms

The view of the Miami beach alone is spectacular, but it will be an overall experience once you are inside one of The Goodtime Hotel's rooms. The suite features queen-size beds, showers, and smart storage. It is filled with a handful of quirky touches including customized draperies, rotary phones in pink and green that connects you directly to room service, and leopard-printed robes.

The Amenities

One of Williams and Grutman's favorite shared spaces in the Miami hotel would be the library room, which according to the "Happy" hitmaker is "straight out of the mind of Margot Tenenbaum," who is the main inspiration of the whole hotel's design.

The Instagram-worthy library is covered with peach tones, natural oak, and full of tropical vintage touches like rattan animal lamps, pineapple-motif cocktail tables, and pink tufted sofas.

"There's always a little wink. A playfulness that makes you feel happy when you go to those spaces," Fulk said.

The business partners also boast about Strawberry Moon - the hotel's casual indoor/outdoor restaurant. According to AD, the restaurant's name was inspired by the "lunar phase of the moon when Grutman and Williams first signed a deal on the space."   

Strawberry Moon is flooded with trim cabanas and multiple covered bars in dozens of shades of pink. The 30,000 square-foot pool area also boasts specimen trees, plants, and vines.   

The Goodtime Hotel also features an indoor-outdoor gym found at the rooftop.  

"We've blended both ideas.The idea is for guests to do and experience whatever they want. Indulge in a bit of hedonism, and then indulge in the healthier side too. That's the ultimate good time," Grutman explained.

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