Design A Modern Kitchen With The Latest Appliance Trends
(Photo : Design A Modern Kitchen With The Latest Appliance Trends)

Kitchen appliances play a key role in increasing the value of your home. All-new stainless steel appliances, for example, cost at least $4,229 on average, and can generate an estimated ROI of $5,982, or 41.5%. The latest trends in appliances are focused on enhancing home life, creating your dream kitchen, and improving ease and convenience like never before.

Wine fridges

Refrigerators are one of the most important and hardest-working appliances in the entire home. There are plenty of modern options available to suit your unique lifestyle, with a range of differences in style, size and color. But, now, wine fridges are also all the rage. Wine is a serious investment for many people, and correct wine storage ensures that investment is adequately protected from heat, light, humidity and vibration. For example, Plum has created a first-of-its-kind wine dispenser that stores wine at the exact temperature necessary. It also has sommelier programming that educates you about your wine. Alternatively, Fisher & Paykel has launched a 91-bottle wine column, complete with dual variable temperature zones and anti-vibration technology.

Under-counter appliances

As upper cabinetry continues to lose its luster, under-counter appliances are now an increasingly popular amenity. For example, beverage centers, coffee stations, and refrigerator drawers can provide homeowners with quicker access to drinks and snacks - which is especially important now people are spending more time at home than ever before. These installations aren't just limited to the kitchen either. Under-counter appliances can also be put in bedrooms and dressing rooms, for example. However, they do generate a fair amount of noise, so sound insulation should always be an important consideration in these situations.

Dual and multi-purpose ranges and ovens

Dual and multi-purpose ranges and ovens are enhancing the cooking experience for foodies and novice chefs alike. Dual fuel ranges include both gas cooktops and electric ovens, or even combination steam and convection ovens. For example, Signature Kitchen Suite's latest professional-grade range offers a range of exciting modalities, including induction, sous vide and gas on the cooktop, with a handy steam oven underneath to facilitate quick and easy healthy cooking. No matter your cooking skills and level, these ovens are easy to use, versatile and efficient.

The right kitchen appliances are essential for perfecting your home and increasing its value. Wine fridges, unde-counter appliances, and dual and multi-purpose ranges and ovens are some of the latest appliances enhancing modern homes.