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Did somebody order a life-size origami house? Because this new innovative prefabricated house looks like a giant origami, which can also be unfolded during the installation process.

Tiny homes have established a trend of their own. With homeowners wanting to have a small-space living, these cute spaces are now everywhere. Tiny homes are so popular that even IKEA started selling their own customized tiny home last year. Tiny houses come in all shapes under 500-square-foot, assembled in factories or on-site, like a regular house.

Not until Latvia-based prefabrication house company Brette Hause launched its newest innovation called the "Brette 20" This tiny cabin resembles the visuals of the Japanese paper-folding art and the unfolding process as the three-hour installation of this prefab unit looks like it is being pulled apart.

According to Apartment Therapy, Brette Haus would only need eight weeks to manufacture and deliver the tiny prefab cabin. Aside from being a small house, the Brette 20 could also serve as a unique solution to tourism festival accommodations, camping, and even remote home offices.

Brette 20 Details

The roughly 236 square-foot prefab cabin unit can accommodate up to three persons, but only two persons can sleep comfortably on Brette 20's top mezzanine.

The ground floor features enough space for a small living room and dining area, complete with a small sofa and tables and chairs. The cabin's foundation, walls, and ceilings were all made of solid wood.

The house looks similar to classic homes in the suburban lines with its pointed roof and warm terracotta shade. The only difference between Brette 20 with other tiny houses is that it does not require a permanent foundation to assemble.

This small-but-mightly cozy home includes essential amenities such as LED lighting, electrical wiring, a shower tray, and a toilet area. All the sanitary and electrical engineering were also included in the prefabricated package.

In a press release, Brette Haus said that Brette 20 is not only cute and functional, but it is also made with the principles of environmental sustainability in mind.

"Our project is based exclusively on principles of environmental sustainability, comfortable living, and multiple foldings," the press release reads.

Brette Haus founder Gennadii Bakunin said that the Scandinavian style inspires all three tiny house models. The company has already sent some models in Switzerland and South Korea, but Bakunin said they could ship the units around the world.

"The mission of Brette Haus is to fabricate quality mobile homes, considering that nowadays people are flexible and not attached to only one place," Bakunin said in an official statement, as reported by the Lonely Planet.

Bakunin also likened Brette 20 to playing LEGO and assembling each part.

"It is just like when you play LEGO - you have separate parts, which have to be put together. Brette Haus «plays» LEGO for a customer and then constructs a tiny home perfect for instant moving in," she wrote in a blog.

Unfolding Process

In a roughly two-minute video, Brette Haus showcased how the prefabricated unit's unfolding and installation process.

Brette Haus also offers other foldable cabin units with different sizes and layouts, ranging from $43,200 to $67,300.

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