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Back in the days, bathrooms are just covered in neutral colors giving it a calming vibe. After all, this is the place where you spend most of your "me time." But it looks like 2021 is the year to forget about this norm and start experimenting on bright colors that will give your bathroom a major wow factor.

If you have been itching to embark on a pandemic home makeover, you may want to start the project with this commonly used part of the house. But instead of sticking to the usual white, beige, or gray palette, feel free to experiment with the following colors, which are slowly gaining popularity in the home renovation department.



Surprisingly, this darker shade of red is the top-searched bathroom shade of the year. According to U.K-based Sanctuary Bathrooms director Richard Roberts, they saw a 300% increase in popularity in bathroom colors during the early months of 2021.

Despite being the top-trending bathroom color so far, Roberts warns that having a full-blown burgundy bathroom "can easily overpower a space, transforming your bathroom into the opposite of the relaxing haven you want it to be."

Instead of throwing in burgundy paint and tiles in your bathroom, Roberts suggests using this adventurous deep red shade as an accent wall or a color of an accent piece in the bathroom.

"To incorporate burgundy in a softer way, opt for strategically placed key accessories such as a bath mat and towels to add a pop of this trending shade," Lucky Ackroyd, head of design at Christy, told Apartment Therapy. 

Mint Green

Landing on the second spot of the most-searched bathroom color trend of the year is Mint Green. The bathroom essentials company confirmed seeing a 200% increase in sales in Mint Green colored bathroom fixtures.

Having a mint green-colored bathroom will instantly give you that retro vibes from the '60s and '70s.

"Mint is the perfect shade to create an invigorating and uplifting bathroom, which feels especially fitting in the springtime," Roberts said.

"When incorporating mint into a bathroom, focus on the flooring and window dressings which will allow the tone to bounce around the room. Mint green subway tiles on walls or green patterned mosaic tiles on floors can both complement a classic white suite beautifully," he added.

Roberts explained that the color green is often associated with health and wellness, so the sudden trend of homeowners looking for green bathroom ideas did not surprise them at all.

"Many people are looking to green to help create their own spa-like experience in their own home," he said.

If you're not brave enough to transform the bathroom into a mint green space, Roberts suggests incorporating this tone by adding lots of plants in the shower.

"Not only are plants lovely to look at, adding greenery into a room can also help oxygenate the space and be mentally stimulating too," he added.



The color black may be too dark for some, but for some reason, homeowners want to incorporate black in their bathrooms. Roberts' company saw a 116% increase in search for black bathroom designs, which customers usually pair with whites and metallic shades.

"Black can be the perfect statement color in a bathroom and works well in both sleek, modern spaces and traditional period properties," said Roberts.

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