spring cleaning
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Spring just kicked off in some parts of the country and if you are looking for a sign to finally begin your much-needed spring cleaning, consider this as your go signal. Spring and quarantine are the best combinations to focus on the cleaning project as you have all the time to stay at home and inspect everything.

But before you start decluttering your closet, the kitchen, living room, and laundry area, consider showing your outdoor space some love by commencing the spring cleaning at the house's exterior.

Below are some spring outdoor maintenance activities you could start and focus on while on quarantine:

Inspect the Roof

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Focused man building roof of wooden construction

This is the part of the house which you will probably see only once a year. Maintaining the roof is not as hard as it looks. If you are not afraid of heights, you can inspect yourself by using a ladder and binoculars to check all sides and spaces that need repair. Try looking for some curled or missing shingles, rusty flashing, cracked caulk around the pipe collars, and other roof penetration.

If the roof is flat and you are confident of performing some maintenance, do it yourself. But if you can't, contact a licensed roofing contractor who will fix major and minor repairs.

Clean Gutters

When was the last time you look closely at the gutter and see what kind of cleaning it needs? If you spot some gunk in the downspout gooseneck, go ahead and ream it out with a garden hose. Shove the hose into the downspout to clear all the gunk and get fresh new gutters.

Commercial Box Gutter
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Check the Drainage

They say a happy home is composed of happy people living like a happy family. But neat junkies like us would say clean and functioning drainage is the key to a comfortable house. Imagine having to deal with clogged drainage every morning when everybody is out and about? That spells chaos.

So make sure to give your drainage a much-needed TLC this spring by ensuring it is free from mold, mildew, termites, and leaks. Also, check if the soil slopes are away from the foundation wall at least six inches over ten feet. This will help rain and snowmelt from draining away from the foundation and avoid further problems.

Clear the Vents

Spring cleaning is all about making sure every inch of the house is spotless, including the foundation vents. The vent is responsible for providing air circulation inside the house and prevents excess moisture, leading to mold growth. So you want to keep this part of the house clean to ensure you and your family are breathing clean air.

Clean those dust-magnets manually or by using a small vacuum. If you spot damage, repair them immediately to prevent insects from squeezing and turning it into a big hole. Make sure that it is also free from leaves, twigs, and other types of debris.

Trim the Trees

Now is the perfect time to use those landscaping trimming tools you purchase on Amazon during last year's quarantine boredom. Try to shorten the branches at least 5 to 7 feet away from the house to avoid producing moisture onto the roofing. Trimming the branches also keeps away the squirrels and raccoons from getting away to your rooms.

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