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Without the coronavirus global pandemic, people are now probably preparing for a fun Easter celebration with their family and friends. While the health crisis prohibits us from conducting social gatherings, Easter should not be canceled and still be celebrated while staying safe at home.

Whether your family participates in the religious aspect or not, Easter is an excellent opportunity to bring cheer and distract us from the ongoing pandemic. Good thing; there are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter without leaving the house.

Regardless if you are looking for traditional, fun, or new ways to celebrate Easter, below are some child and senior-friendly Easter activities to enjoy at home despite the pandemic.

Decorate the House

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Just like Christmas, Easter is a way to rejoice in the coming of Christ. Easter is like a breath of fresh air that signifies new beginnings. Besides the religious significance, Easter should create a home full of positivity, joy, and cheer.

Kick off the festivity by creating simple yet meaningful Easter-themed decorations around the house. Decorate the home with pastel-colored curtains, pillows, and tableware to welcome new beginnings.

You can also add fresh florals and adorable accents of garlands, baskets, bunnies, and of course, don't forget the Easter eggs.

Cook a Traditional Family Meal

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Although we've been staying indoors and cooking homecooked meals for almost a year now, nothing beats serving a special traditional family recipe that will surely make you feel nostalgic and thankful for the time you have with your loved ones.

A delicious Easter Sunday meal shared by the whole family will break the monotonous lockdown/ quarantine routine you have for the past twelve months. Cooking a traditional family recipe will not just fill your stomach but also an excellent opportunity to share with the younger generation how you celebrate Easter when you are young.

Attend a Virtual Church Service

Attending a Sunday service is part of every family's Easter traditions. But to prevent coronavirus exposure, take advantage of the online or virtual services offered by religious organizations.

Have a Virtual Easter Celebration with Family and Friends

Holidays like Easter are a great way to catch up with family and friends, but since large social gatherings are still prohibited, better move your celebrations online and have a virtual conference instead.

Through the help of online applications like FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, and more, connecting with family and friends is just one click away.

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Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, an Easter Sunday celebration would not be complete without a traditional Easter egg hunt. You all know the drill, prepare real or toy eggs, decorate them as you wish, and hide it around the house.

Usually, this Easter activity is reserved for kids. But since we are all having fun at home, there is no reason why adults and even seniors could not participate in this wholesome game. Just make sure to hide the eggs in the most discreet yet safe part of the house to prevent accidents among younger kids and elders.

To make the Easter egg hunt more fun, instead of everybody looking for eggs all at once, do it one-by-one and assign corresponding prizes for each egg so everyone will be more competitive than ever.

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