How To Eliminate Your Detention Pond Problem to Save Money and Land
(Photo : How To Eliminate Your Detention Pond Problem to Save Money and Land)

Detention ponds are a real estate nightmare. If you have one on your real estate property you know this first hand. This detention pond was most likely constructed on your property to serve as a stormwater management system. However, is it necessary? The answer is almost always a resounding, no! Below the issues with a detention bond and how you can remove a detention pond from your property are discussed and explored. If you are looking for relief from the detention pond problems you are currently experiencing, you should do yourself a favor and continue reading below.

What is A Detention Pond?

A detention pond is a pond that has a large capacity to catch storm water runoff in order to mitigate the water's effect on impervious buildings and other structures. These detention ponds are normally dug out when a real estate property is being developed as a part of the property's storm water management procedure. In general, detention ponds are constructed over a large area in order to guarantee they will have a large enough capacity to catch all of the storm water the property receives. At first, these detention ponds seem like a great solution. However, quickly several issues with the detention pond normally begin to appear and it isn't long before the landowner has a large detention pond problem.

Issues with Detention Pond

There are several problems associated with detention ponds. The expense of building these ponds and maintaining them are one thing, but the largest problem associated with a detention pond is the land it takes up. Most detention ponds are huge, stretching for several acres. When this land is good land, there is no reason to occupy it with a detention pond. Once the detention pond is constructed there is little else a land owner can do with the land. This quickly becomes a real estate nightmare.

In addition to the amount of land a detention pond occupies, detention ponds also are expensive to build, maintain, and almost always have a negative effect on real estate transactions and investments.

Expensive Detention Pond Building Costs

You might think digging a giant hole can't be that expensive. However, sadly you are quite wrong. The process of constructing a detention pond involves more than just digging. The process also includes costs associated with planning, storm water drain installation, soil removal, and heavy equipment rentals and operation costs. In other words, installing a detention pond is a heft undertaking that is very expensive. The inclusion of a detention pond on a real estate property will also only make it harder to sell land fast.

Rising Cost of Maintaining Detention Ponds

In addition to the costs associated with constructing a detention pond, a detention pond also requires extensive ongoing maintenance. Even the best planned and constructed detention ponds will need to be maintained over the years. When not maintained, detention ponds can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests that will negatively affect the value of your real estate property, not to mention the aesthetic impact.

Impact on Real Estate Transactions & Investments

Detention ponds almost always have a negative impact on real estate transactions and investments. No one wants to buy land for sale that is half occupied by a detention pond. This would be like buying a house, but only being able to use half of the rooms. If you are looking to sell your property or even looking to increase the value of your property you will want to explore your options for removing your detention pond.

Eliminating Detention Ponds

The number one solution for eliminating a detention pond and increasing the value of your property are plastic pavers. These pavers are permeable and act similar to a detention pond since they also allow water to drain. However, these pavers are not as costly as a detention pond, are not such an eyesore, and can even be used to create parking lots and other features. Therefore, with the use of plastic pavers you will not only have the opportunity to eliminate your detention pond, but you will also be able to take control over your land again. These pavers were even used recently to eliminate a four acre detention pond, which subsequently resulted in the construction of the world's largest permeable parking lot!

Take Control of Your Property Today

Are you tired of dealing with the detention pond on your property? Then you should look to eliminate it today. Replacing your detention pond with permeable pavers is a fairly simple solution that will provide a host of benefits. Detention ponds are a nightmare, and permeable pavers are the solution. It is that simple! What are you waiting for? Take control of your property today!