IKEA - the famous Swedish furniture company, has promoted itself from everyone's home fixture best friend to your favorite home provider. It is after IKEA ventured into making tiny houses for minimalist and small living communities.

In partnership with Vox Creative and tiny home builder, Escape, the Swedish retailer designed a space-saving house, which boasts eco-friendly features. Escape helped build the trailer with a customized version of their tiny home called "Vista Boho XL."

On the other hand, Vox created a virtual experience to give interested buyers a chance to explore the tiny house and decorate their own compact space.

Tiny House Details

(Photo : Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

For only $47,550, IKEA will give you a 187 square-foot tiny home complete with solar panels, composting toilets, on-demand heated water supply, and power. The Scandinavian-designed house is vertically divided into four areas: the sleeping area, living space, kitchen, and bath.

Based on Escape's promotional video, the IKEA tiny house features built-in furniture, a collapsible desk, a room perfect for a queen-size bed, a living room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. All of which come in neutral-colored interior design.

Through Vox Media's virtual tour, interested buyers could get a chance to experience the fully furnished IKEA tiny house online.

The tour begins at the front door. As you virtually step inside the cute house, you can navigate around the home using arrow icons. Vox also allowed online viewers to learn about the IKEA products inside the house by clicking the hotspots. It also provides Tiny Home Tips and suggestions for sustainable products and budget-friendly items.


IKEA Tiny House Design

IKEA's senior interior design leader Abbey Stark said that the tiny house idea started when she was listing all the basic needs for a living space.

"Like, how do you design around a wheel well and the mechanics of the home? I wanted to source renewable, reusable, and recycled materials when possible to make the space functional as well as beautiful," Stark said in a promotional video.

Stark said that she designed the IKEA tiny home by "using sustainable, multifunctional, space-saving and energy-efficient products."

The small space is surrounded by sustainably grown pine-paneled interiors. It boasts built-in storage and a multi-function workspace perfect for work-from-home setup. The kitchen also uses cupboards made out of recycled bottles.

Meanwhile, Escape founder Dan Dobrowolski described the collaboration with IKEA as a "natural pairing. He, in fact, completed the tiny house's build in just 60 days.

"We feature many Ikea products in our various tiny home designs around the country as they mirror the renewable, reusable, and recycled materials we incorporate into the actual structures," Dobrowolski said.

IKEA Movein Ready Package

It is not the first time the Swedish company ventured into giving customers the ultimate IKEA living experience. Earlier this year, IKEA started offering affordable build-to-order move-in packages, including room renovation, construction services, and IKEA furniture.

The package, which starts at $7,478 for a 2-room unit, would typically take four to six weeks to finish. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project completion may take up to eight to 10 weeks.

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