5 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Hot Water System For Your House
(Photo : 5 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Hot Water System For Your House)

It is more relaxing to start and end our day with a long hot bath. The warm flowing water on our body boosts our mood and leaves our skin moisturized and soft. After a stressful and challenging day's work, taking a hot shower also helps relieve headaches and muscle tension. That is why, for self-care and other household purposes, it is essential to have a hot water system at home.

A hot water system, mostly known as a storage water heater, is a home appliance that makes your regular tap water hot or warm at home. With a hot water system at your place, you no longer have to manually boil water before taking a bath. You only have to open your faucet, and automatically, hot water flows for you to use anytime.

If you are considering to purchase and install a new hot water system for your home or you are planning to replace your old one, it is necessary to do some research first and consider these factors when choosing a model:

Type of Hot Water System

Before deciding to purchase a new hot water system for your home, you must first decide what fuel you want to use to make your hot water system work. The fuel that you intend to use determines what type to purchase. Models such as the rheem hot water system offer a lot of reliable systems for your house. Here are some more types of hot water systems:

Electric Hot Water System

The electric hot water system is the best type for those households that use an average amount of hot water. This hot water system uses electricity as a fuel and has a tank where the cold water is heated and stored.

Gas Hot Water System

This type of hot water system uses gas as a power source and can heat water faster than the electric hot water system. It can provide a limitless water supply and is convenient for those large households.

Solar Hot Water System

The solar hot water system may have a high initial cost when purchased, but eventually, upon your usage, it can help you save a whole lot of money as it uses solar energy to work. When you opt for this type of hot water system, you must have an adequate roof space.

Heat Pump Water System

Heat pump water system is the most energy-efficient type of hot water system among the four. It uses the heat from the air in the surrounding and transports it, at a higher temperature, into the water in the tank. You can choose this type of hot water system if you want to keep a long-lasting one since this can last up to 13 to 15 years compared to other types.

Space Required

Storage water heaters have various sizes and require sufficient wall and floor space. So, before you go and hastily purchase your desired hot water system product, it is better to plan how you should place your hot water system in the house. The is near your bathroom or kitchen to maintain the heat while the water travels from the tank to the faucet.

Life Expectancy Of The Hot Water System

You do not want to replace your hot water system every once in a while. So, be sure to choose the highest quality one and are known to have a long life expectancy. Treat your hot water system as an investment. You spend money on its initial cost, however expensive it will be, thinking that the length of time you will use it will compensate for its price.


Aside from the initial cost of installing a hot water system at your place, it would help if you also consider how much you are to spend in the process of using the unit itself. You must have a budget for the cost of maintaining and running the system. Take note that the more you use hot water from the faucet, the more you have to spend on the cost of water and electricity.

Storage Type and Capacity

The storage type and its capacity to hold water should depend on how many you are in your household and how frequently you use water in the time being. A family of three can opt for any hot water system, while it is more applicable for a family with a larger number of members to choose the gas hot water system.


The installation of a hot water system at home involves careful planning and decision-making. You don't go around deciding to buy a new one without considering where you should place it, what type is right for you, and what model fits your budget. It is always better to consider angles and factors when purchasing to avoid wasting money buying the wrong one.