5 Ways to Find the Right Contractor For Your First Build
(Photo : Pexels)

Finding the "perfect" house for you and your family is sometimes easier said than done. In fact, it can feel so overwhelming that you night feels like all hope is lost.

If you feel like you just cannot find the home that suits your needs, you could consider building a home. While it might cost more, but you get to live in a house of your own design without having to upgrade or remodel it completely.

The first step to building a home is getting in touch with a reputable contractor. However, this can also be challenging as some contractors do not see eye-to-eye with their clients.

Here are five ways to find the right contractor for your first build.

Gather All the Contractors in Your Area

To save you a lot of time, it is best if you gather all of the information on contractors within your area. You can then organize them according to price, specialties and availability. This also helps to keep track of their references of past positive experiences for prior customers.

Research Your Chosen Contractor

We have shed some light on how some contractors and their clients do not have matching views or ideals. Synergizing with your contractor is a key factor in the success of a new home's construction, especially if it is the first one. Doing research on a business is not difficult as you would expect.

It can be reviewing feedback left by previous clientele, reading the company's "About Us" page and checking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or lawsuits. If you find anything that puts you off about your chosen contractor, there is no shame or harm in going to another.

Figure Out What You Want Done to The Tiniest Detail

Before you can go to the contractor, you will need to have a cohesive and well-thought-out plan of your desired home. You need to determine how many bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities the house is going to have. Your plan must also include the dimensions of the living room and kitchen.

Finally, decide how many stories you want the house to have. As for the layout, you do not have to figure that out at first. You can work out those details with the contractor. Keep in mind that everything you add to your home can increase the price. You can use a construction estimating software to get a rough estimate of the price.

Ask Questions

When you meet with your contractor, do not hesitate to ask questions. It is important that you are both on the same page.

Below is a list of questions you should always ask a contractor:

- "Can I take a look at your insurance certificate?"

- "Are you licensed by the state?"

- "If there is any disagreement, how would you resolve it?"

- "What is the best way to keep in touch with you?"

- "How will you incorporate external fees?"

These five questions are what you should ask every contractor. For instance, if a contractor refuses to show you their proof of insurance, it is best to move on.

Working with an unlicensed contractor can make you liable for anything that goes wrong, including injury on the job.

Take Things Slow

Perhaps the most important step when choosing the right contractor is to not rush. Rushing can lead to you overlooking something important or making a mistake. Building a new home, especially your first one, requires strategic planning and patience. Your contractor can also advise you to take things at a moderate pace.

If you are having trouble finding a good contractor for your first build, use these tips to your advantage. CostCertified can also make the search easier. Start your free trial today.