How to buy bitcoin | teach where and how to buy
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Recently, we often hear the terms virtual currency and bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies, and I've heard some successful examples of becoming a "billionaire" who made more than 100 million yen. Bitcoin is a major player as an investment.

Since cryptocurrency investment is gaining a lot of attention, we suggest you to read this guide in order to learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin investment

We would like to try bitcoin investment, which is a hot topic like this, but if we don't know how to buy let alone the characteristics, we cannot even stand on the ring. Therefore, this time, I will explain how to buy Bitcoin and its advantages and disadvantages. 

How to buy Bitcoin

The first thing you need to do to buy Bitcoin is to open a trading account.

Speaking of opening an account, it is necessary to prepare various documents in the case of banks and securities companies, but when opening a trading account of virtual currency such as Bitcoin All you need to do is to enter and submit your identification documents. Moreover, it is notable that it can be completed on the Internet, not by mail.

Once you open an account, you can start trading. Many may think that "1 bitcoin costs hundreds of thousands of yen, so it is hard to buy", but in fact bitcoin can be purchased in units of decimals such as 0.01 bitcoin.

Since you can purchase and invest even a small amount, it is a method that can be entered by both beginners of investment and those who have few sources of investment. Click at for more detail. 

Bitcoin transactions/sales

Bitcoin has an exchange and a sales office. Both have similar meanings, but the characteristics are different because the names are different.

First of all, it is an exchange, but here is a place to match people who want to sell and buy bitcoins. If you compare it to the reality, it's easy to say something like a flea market. If you want to trade at a market value that fluctuates in real time, trading on the exchange may be suitable.

On the other hand, a Bitcoin sales office is a place where Bitcoin sales companies sell (buy) Bitcoins at prices determined by that company. If you compare this to reality, it's like shopping in a city or online shopping. Compared to exchanges such as flea markets, sales outlets such as shops tend to have a slightly higher purchase price for bitcoins.

Exchanges and sales are very confusing, but let's fully understand the characteristics of both.

Good points of Bitcoin

We will explain the good points (merits) of Bitcoin, which is becoming more popular as a virtual currency.

The biggest feature of Bitcoin is that it can be purchased in units below the decimal point. Since you can purchase bitcoins in units of 100 yen for the minimum amount, the point is that you can easily enter with a small investment amount. The threshold is lower than stock investment, so a wide range of age groups are investing in bitcoin.

Bad Bitcoin

Bitcoin seems to have many good points at first glance, but of course there are some bad points. Rather, if you don't understand what is bad, you may get into serious trouble and be careful.

Bitcoin is "floating" along with stocks. Even if the market price changes, it does not fluctuate from several yen to several hundred yen per share per day like the stock market, but it can change considerably from tens of thousands to hundreds of yen per bitcoin. There is.

 Also, Bitcoin is a virtual currency and has no shape. Even if you own Bitcoin, the balance will only be displayed on the Internet, so it will be hard to feel that you own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be used as money at physical stores such as BicCamera. However, since the number of stores that support Bitcoin has not increased so much, it is a pity that it is purchased for investment purpose unlike foreign currency investment in kind.

 Bitcoin investment is easy to enter because you can easily buy even a small amount, but there are some difficult parts if you do not have the flexibility to deal with volatile prices and the courage to immediately make a profit.