The Rising Popularity of Southwestern Décor
(Photo : Unsplash)

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, there has been a growth in the popularity of southwestern décor. The rise results from a conscious decision by many people to go back to basics. It embraces authentic and natural daily living, especially in the home. 

The Bohemian-type style embraces eclectic earth and jewel tones, expressed in a casual and carefree manner. Southwestern style is vividly showcased through southwestern rugs, which represent the perfect combination of colors. These rugs are characterized by rustic textures and furniture, earth-tones, colored woven fabrics, and quotidian hand-crafted objects. 

Southwestern décor has several characteristics, which make it trendy in homes today, including functionality, decorative accents, fascinating tiles, and attractive walls.

Functional Flooring and Southwestern Rugs As Floor Coverings

Southwestern décor uses some of the most functional flooring designs. Interior designers improvise with traditional and modern aspects to give the floors character, durability, and functionality. 

The most common coverings in this design style include stained concrete, lozenges, brick, and other natural paving like stone and earth-toned terracotta tiles. Southwestern rugs are then placed on specific areas of the floor to beautify the area, and to section off the room.

Authentic Decorative Accents

Another reason Southwestern décor is popular is because of its decorative accents. These accents highlight the focal points in a room. Decorative Southwestern accents range from handmade candles to prepared animal skins and bleached skulls. 

Decorating your house using these traditional Native American items gives it a lively and authentic feel. Some experts recommend using southwestern rugs as wall art to highlight certain areas; for instance, above the fireplace or in the hallway.

Hand-crafted pottery is another famous Native American artifact that enhances Southwestern style and uses color to convey meaning. For instance, Native Americans believed that using yellow and orange in their pottery paid homage to the sun, the Giver of Life. 

Whether you opt for handmade or mass-manufactured pottery, ensure that it is durable and matches your overall décor for the greatest effect.

Hand Painted Wall Tiles

Tiles are a popular wall finishing, as they are durable and easy to maintain. Hand-crafted and hand-painted tiles add both color and texture to a room. Unlike mass-manufactured tiles, hand-crafted tiles are also more durable. 

Use them on walls to add a touch of southwestern style to your home, especially on kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and hearths. These tiles add a pop of color and make the room more interesting.

Wall Color and Texture

Southwestern style would not be complete without the use of earth or jewel tones on your walls. These tones mimic the Southwestern desert and welcome natural beauty into your home. The Southwestern rugs are also a wonderful complement to the trendy wall color.

Due to the advancement in interior design technology, remodelers are opting for smoother walls, but many homeowners still prefer the rougher finishes. These textures are also easier to maintain and do not show dirt. 

Final Thoughts

Southwestern décor possesses a full range of charming characteristics, including ease of maintenance. It's also versatile and practical, sporting dramatic touches that are simple to achieve. This style will blend with all other design elements within your home, without looking forced or out of place.