Faucets are a necessary requirement for any kitchen. They come in a wide range of material, designs, and technology. Two of the popular kitchen faucets are stainless steel faucet and chrome faucet. The right selection between them requires you to assess their performance on a variety of factors. 

It requires you to learn about the pros and cons of them to arrive at the right decision. This article will serve as a resource to help you choose the best faucet between them. 

What makes chrome and stainless-steel faucets a popular option?

If you have a liking towards shiny things then both stainless steel and chrome finishes will be a good option for you. They are vibrant, relatively low in maintenance and durable. Besides their attractive appearance, another advantage of choosing them is that both are economical. 

Due to being budgeted option, they are in huge demand among households. Both stainless steel and chrome faucets are comparatively cheaper than bronze and nickel faucets. Hausera is one of the leading companies that manufacture and supply best in class kitchen and bathroom fixtures to suit your style and budget. 

Pros of chrome faucets

  • Chrome faucets exhibit high shine and impeccable finish. The reason for it is the chrome electroplating.

  • Chrome is shinier as compared to stainless steel, that makes it the best choice for aesthetics

Cons of Chrome Faucets

  • Cleaning a chrome nozzle is quite challenging as fingerprints and water spots are easy to notice on chrome. The reason behind enhanced visibility is because they contrast sharply with the radiance of the rest of the nozzle.

  • In addition to it, harsh kitchen cleaners can reduce the finish of a chrome faucet with passing time.

Pros of Stainless-Steel faucets

  • Stainless nozzles are easy to clean, maintain and care. They require less maintenance as they hide smudges and spots, efficiently than chrome. With a sponge and water, you can easily keep your stainless-steel faucet clean and well-maintained all the time.

  • Stainless steel shows higher scratch-resistance and durability than chrome. It comes with a service life of more than ten years. 

  • Buyers get countless stainless-steel nozzle options to choose from. 

  • Their low cost makes them a popular choice among people. 

  • The finish of a stainless-steel nozzle is shiny. It also matches easily to other stainless-steel fixtures, sinks, surfaces and appliances in a bathroom or kitchen. Stainless steel material has a remarkable ability to match, coordinate and kitchen with other stainless-steel accessories. 

  • So, with these faucets, you can rest assured of the overall appearance of your kitchen/bathroom as it creates a seamless look between rest of the stainless-steel accessories.


The difference between stainless steel and chrome are subtle. Selecting the right one between them boils down to personal choice and which one out of them matches your kitchen appliances and sink in the best way. 

If aesthetics and high shine is your priority, then you should select chrome faucets and if you are looking for functionality, seamless look, affordability, and easy maintenance, then stainless steel faucet would be the best option for you.