5 Things to Consider When Moving to a New Town

Posted by Hannah Smith on Jul 16, 2019 03:01 PM EDT
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Moving to a new town can be exciting, but there are many unknowns that can make you feel anxious or apprehensive. Researching and planning can go a long way in making the move less stressful. Before you settle on a location and pack up and leave, there are many things you should consider.

1. Cost of Living

Whether you're moving for a job or a fresh start, you'll need to consider the cost of living. The most desirable cities are often the most expensive. Everything from housing to groceries, gas and even parking can vary from city to city.

Make sure that you can afford to live in the city you're considering.

2. Crime Rate

Maybe the city has a great nightlife and a diverse culture. But what about safety? Most cities have safe areas and areas that have higher crime rates.

Do some research first and check the city's overall safety ratings before moving, especially if you have children.

3. Weather and Air Pollution

The weather may be the last thing on your mind, but it's an important thing to consider. If you're used to living in a dry, warm climate, moving to a city with a cold and wet climate may take some getting used to.

If you really love mild summers, would you be happy moving somewhere where the average July temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit? If you love sunny days, will you be happy living in a city that gets more rain than the sun?

Check the average highs and lows for every month of the year, and be honest about what you can really tolerate.

In addition to the weather, you'll want to consider pollution levels, especially if you have a respiratory condition.

"Toxic air pollutants are known to cause cancer and various other health problems in humans," says Ankin Law Office. "The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to regulate toxic air pollutants produced by industrial facilities in two phases - controlling emission levels and protecting public health and safety."

Unless your health isn't a top priority, you may want to avoid moving to a city with dirty air if possible.

4. Schools

If you have children or plan to have children in the future, you'll want to research the local schools. How do the schools rank as far as graduation rates or college attendance? What kind of options are available (e.g. charter or private schools)? Is the school well-funded?

You may also want to look at higher education opportunities. How close will you be to colleges and universities?

If the schools don't meet your standards and you don't have many options outside of the public school system, you might consider moving to a different city.

5. Activities, Amenities and Night Life

What's there to do in the city? What sort of amenities and nightlife does the city offer? Different people and families have different priorities or preferences when it comes to nightlife and activities. Make sure that the city you're considering will meet your needs. It will be much easier to assimilate and make new friends if the city already has a support network around your passions and hobbies.

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