Top Metro Areas with the Biggest Homes

Posted by Kevin Ashwe on Jun 14, 2019 11:25 AM EDT
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The 20 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States are home to over three million people. These areas are the urban and suburban areas in the country.

The Top Metro Areas with Biggest Homes is Atlanta according to Wikilawn research. In the review from the 2017 census carried out in the United States, Atlanta has the largest units of residential houses. The Atlanta areas have an area of 1800sq feet and it edges Houston which is at 1700 sq feet in second place.

In third place, it is followed by Philadelphia Phoenix and Washington.

1. Atlanta

The city of Atlanta has an estimated residential area of 1,800 sq feet. This is what makes the metropolitan city the home to the biggest residential home in the United States.

The estimated value of a property in the city is at $215,000. The estimated values of sq feet in the city is $119.00.

Atlanta is home to an estimated number of 500 thousand people. It is also the 37th most populated state in the United States.

2. Houston, Texas

Houston is the second metropolitan area with the biggest number of homes in the United States.

It has an estimated sq foot of 1700 sq feet. This contains residential apartments as well as mobile homes. Average property value stands at $192,000.

The estimated cost for sq feet is about $113.00. Houston is home to about 2 million people according to a 2016 census. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

3. Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington

Based on the research, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington all tied at third position.

● Philadelphia has an estimated area of 1600 sq feet. It has an estimated value per property of $250,900. It's estimated cost per sq feet is at $156.81.

● Phoenix with an estimated area of 1600 sq feet is tied with Philadelphia for the metropolitan area with the biggest homes. The estimated value of a property is $246,900 with the cost per sq feet put at $154.00.

● Washington is also known as the home politics and power in the United States is also tied in third place with Philadelphia and Phoenix. Washington has the same metropolitan area of 1600 sq feet. However, it has a higher property value of $424,600 and estimated cost per sq feet of $265.38

For detailed report on the list see Wikilawn original study.

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