The Rise Of Resilient Infrastructure are fueled by Natural Disasters

Posted by Staff Reporter on Apr 09, 2019 02:30 PM EDT
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The Rise Of Resilient Infrastructure are fueled by Natural Disastersmore big
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Sheets of rain and violent winds swiped western Japan during Typhoon Jebi last year, submerging Kansai international airport, blowing a tanker into Osaka bridge and disrupting power, travel and commerce in one of Japan's most densely populated regions.

During the havoc wrought by Japan's strongest storm in 25 years, select industrial warehouses-ones equipped with early seismic warning systems-fulfilled overnight e-commerce delivery promises.

Natural disasters like Jebi highlight the value of resilience, particularly in industrial real estate and infrastructure investments. Resilience benefits investors, warehouse owners, operators, manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, employees, communities and everyone-and everything-touched by the global supply chain.

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