The Best States to Hunt Whitetail Deer

Posted by Staff Reporter on Dec 07, 2018 02:03 PM EST
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The Midwest is popular for many reasons. But for many people, the best time of the year to be in the Midwest is in November. Whitetail deer run rampant throughout the Midwest states, and hunting them is a favorite pastime for many. Hunting season in the Midwest ranges from about September to January, depending on what you are hunting with. There are typically different times of the year for archery and firearms hunting.

Saying the best whitetail deer hunting is in the Midwest is like saying that the best place for sweet potato pie is the South. It's a vast area of the country. These are the best states to hunt whitetail deer in the Midwest.


Illinois has little wide-open country available for whitetail deer hunting, but there is enough open space to make a hunting trip worthwhile. You can hunt with archery from October 1 to January 14, although archery is closed during firearm season. The two firearm hunting seasons are the third and fourth weekends of November.


Kansas has tons of open prairie, and as such, there is a lot of excellent hunting in the state. However, finding land that is not private that you can hunt on easily can be difficult. You may need to purchase property for the purpose or meet up with other hunters willing to share their land. Archery hunting in Kansas is from mid-September through the end of December. Firearm season is the end of November through the beginning of December.


Missouri also has a lot of open country that is good for finding whitetail deer. However, again not much of this free country is publicly available for hunting. You may need to purchase land if you plan to hunt year after year. The archery hunting season in Missouri is mid-September through early November and late November through mid-December. Firearms season runs through November.


According to Wide Open Spaces magazine, the best place for whitetail deer hunting is Kentucky. Kentucky isn't often thought of like a vacation state or even a hunting state. However, they do have lengthy hunting seasons and relaxed regulations that make it easier for hunters. The archery season lasts from mid-September through the end of December. Firearms season is usually two weeks in early December.


One of the least known places for whitetail deer hunting is Michigan. Michigan has a lot of wide open spaces that are great for hunting whitetail deer. You will likely have to buy land in Michigan for the purpose of hunting if you plan to do it year after year, as there is little public land available for hunting. They have one of the longest seasons as well, lasting from September through the end of December, with much of that time dedicated to firearms.

Michigan is a big state, but according to Game and Fish Magazine, the best land for hunting whitetail deer is found in southern Michigan. The southern part of the state is home to wide open farmland, which is home to huge whitetail bucks. You'll have a great time of hunting in Michigan with the right land at your disposal.

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