The High Cost Of Letting Your Toilet Run

Posted by Staff Reporter on Nov 20, 2018 08:46 PM EST
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Plumbing issues are rarely at the top of your mind - until you desperately need a plumber to come fix a problem. Clogged pipes and leaks are among the most common reasons to call a plumber. These are urgent issues that catch a homeowner's attention right away, but they're not the only reasons you should call a plumber. A running toilet can be hundreds of dollars more expensive than leaks when it comes to water wastage.

How Much Does a Running Toilet Cost?

You might be amazed at how expensive a running toilet can be if you don't fix it straight away. It can depend on how much your toilet is running - does it run constantly, or does it just run for a couple of minutes after you flush? Both can be expensive issues.

A running toilet wastes 25 times more than a shower leak, wasting thousands of gallons of water a month. Depending on the cost of water where you live, it can cost as much as $200 extra on your monthly water bill, all for water that's simply wasted. That's over $2000 a year you're flushing away.

A more moderate toilet leak can still be expensive, adding approximately $70 a month, or 6,000 gallons. That's still $1000 a year. Leaving a toilet running is much more expensive than simply calling a plumber for help.

How Do You Stop a Running Toilet?

There are a few things you can check before you call in a plumber, including checking the flapper. Here's how you can start:

-Turn off the water and drain the toilet. Once the water is off, just flush to empty out the toilet. Now you can inspect the flapper without the water running constantly.-

- The flapper is the rubber seal at the bottom of the tank. It opens when you flush the toilet and when it closes, the tank fills up again. If the flapper doesn't seal correctly, the tank will continue to fill up and water will seep through into the tank. Just remove the lid of the tank and you can see if there's an issue.

- Potential issues include chain length, a dirty flapper, or a worn-out flapper. Check the chain length to make sure it's not propping open the flapper and causing the leak. Take the flapper out and check for mineral build up that's keeping it propped open or wear and tear that prevents it from sealing. You can easily replace a flapper or adjust the chain length yourself.

Call Professional Help

If you've tried everything and the toilet is still running, you need plumbing services you can rely on to deliver a fast and reliable fix. You may just need a professional to fix the issue, or you may have to replace the entire toilet. Given how expensive a running toilet can be in the long run, whatever you have to do to fix the problem, it's worth it.

Stop wasting water and money. Call on plumbing services to fix your running toilet before it costs you thousands of dollars. Never ignore a running toilet.

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