Frequently Asked Questions Related To Pest Control Service

Posted by Staff Reporter on Nov 16, 2018 10:32 AM EST
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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Pest Control Service

Pest control service is very important to keep disease spreading pests at bay. Different companies charge differently for providing pest control service. There are a few factors on which the pricing scheme depends. Understanding these factors would definitely help you make the right selection for your requirements.

How often do you perform pest control service?

Regularity is a significant factor that determines the price of the pest control service. If you are performing this service in your home for the first time, then it will require deep cleaning. This service will be costly than regular maintenance service that is performed on a regular basis.

Pointe Pest Control is one of the top companies that offer expert rodent control services in Vancouver. Depending on the size of your home and the level of infestation, they will provide rodent control services in monthly, fortnightly or half yearly basis.

Type of pests

Pest control service is an effective way to eliminate ants, mice, rodents, mosquitoes, lizards, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, fleas, ticks, bats, bees, red ants, mosquitoes and termites. Different strategies are used to offer the best protection against different type of pests.

These strategies include use of different tools, materials, duration of treatment and number of labor to be assigned to perform the task. It is important to check with the pest control agency to find out the charges for efficient elimination of specific pests in your house.

Size of the house

Size of the house also influences the price of the pest control service. The square footage of the house is also a factor as the bigger size of home needs more protection and use of the product. Bigger house would use more amounts of pest control material, and labor to accomplish the task. People with bigger house, have better chances to negotiate on the price.

Frequency of pest control service

The frequency of pest control service determines the charges you pay for the service. The initial visit will charge you a few more bucks as it requires time to evaluate the situation and find out the type of your pest issues are. A periodic visit can occur every month, once in every two months or once in every three months.

Type of pest control products used

The type of pest control products also impacts the price of the service. If you choose eco-friendly, then it will cost you more. In addition to this, products that treat single type of pest is more expensive than the ones that treat different types of pests.

Depending on the location

A wealthy neighborhood will charge you more than mediocre societies. If your house is located in standard areas of service, it incurs no travel fees. This makes them comparatively cheaper than houses outside the standard service area. This is because to reach any remote location, travel fees will be charged to make up for mileage, transportation costs and additional time.


For effective protection against pests, it is important to choose the best pest control service within your budget and as per your needs.

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