City centre developments vs. Residential rural retreats

Posted by Staff Reporter on Sep 07, 2018 10:20 AM EDT
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City centre developments vs. Residential rural retreatsmore big
City centre developments vs. Residential rural retreats (Photo : Pixabay)

Modern times mean we work harder just to keep up, and our days flash by at a fast and furious pace. This makes the search for quality of life ever more important.

Where you live plays a big part in your ability to be comfortable and de-stress outside of working hours. So, if you are currently looking at new houses, you may be trying to decide between a city centre location or a rural retreat.

Escape to the country, or city convenience

Some would argue that living in urban areas, as close to work as possible, reduces stress. There is less of a commute and all the convenience associated with having everything you need "on your doorstep".

On the other hand, rural property developments enable you to escape at the end of the working day. You get in your car or on the train, leaving the city behind you, to enjoy the space and tranquillity of a countryside vista.

Living in the countryside is certainly a way of ensuring you don't bump into colleagues or customers over the weekend!

Weighing up lifestyle needs

A lot depends on your family commitments.

Having a city centre home can put you close to a wide range of amenities for your family to enjoy. You have a far better choice of retail, entertainment and community services for example, and abundant arts and culture opportunities. You can may also choose urban property developments that are close to the best schools.

However, other parents prefer to nurture their children with open spaces and rural communities. The idyllic scenario of playing in fields and woods, and communing with nature, is the source of great childhood memories.

Providing more "safe" opportunities to explore outdoors in the countryside is considered worth the price of regular car journeys to get children to far-flung ballet classes and cub scouts!

The people perspective

Even looking at the social aspects of both urban and rural living, show that both options have their merits.

Living in a city property development, chances are you will have far more opportunities to meet new friends and socialise with existing ones. Restaurants, theatres and other venues are a short taxi ride or walk away.

However, it can be highly pleasurable to live in small communities in rural settings, where neighbours all still look out for each other.

And not everyone wants to meet and mingle outside working hours. For some, being in quieter rural developments is a welcome alternative to living in the "human zoo" of city centres.

Health factors

At one time the view was that living in the countryside was much better for your health. Fresh air, more opportunities to go outdoors and a gentler pace of life were often cited as reasons to choose rural homes.

Though traffic fumes can still be an issue too close to main roads, city centres have cleaned up their acts quite considerably. Air pollution has been greatly reduced, Many local authorities in urban areas provide green spaces and a range of sports and social activities to boost healthy pastimes for local people.

For the elderly, rural homes can lead to isolation and mental health problems, as it becomes harder to get out and about independently. However, some argue that rural villages are more like to have friendly and caring neighbours to help out.

Property values

The good news is, whether you choose a city centre property or an urban home, it's still a wise investment.

There are always people like you - who want one option or the other. Meaning that buying new homes on a quality housing development is bound to bring good returns.

Only you can decide, whether you prefer to be a city or country dweller!

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