Everything you need to know about customs fees

Posted by Staff Reporter on Aug 08, 2018 09:38 AM EDT
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Everything you need to know about customs feesmore big
Everything you need to know about customs fees (Photo : Pixabay)

Leaving the country can be a long, stressful process. After you've packed everything up, purchased your plane tickets and are ready to go, you still have to get through customs will all of your possessions. You generally have to declare everything you are taking with you, make sure nothing is dirty or contaminated, and occasionally pay a fee for exporting certain items. If you want to make sure your move stays under budget, it is best to know what fees you're going to have to pay once you reach customs.


If you are planning on permanently moving overseas you may need to purchase a visa of some kind. In some countries you may be able to apply for citizenship, but in others you will have to stay on a visa for a specific amount of time before you can become a citizen. If you want a working visa, this could cost anywhere up to around $500 depending on the country you are moving to. Holiday visas are less, but also limit what you are able to do in the country, meaning that you may not be able to work full-time.


Generally when you transport your goods overseas you are allowed to take a certain value of possessions without being taxed, but if you exceed that value you may have to pay additional fees. When entering the United States, you are allowed to bring up to $1000 of goods for personal use duty free, but the following USD $1000 worth of goods will be taxed at 10%. In Mexico, you are allowed up to $500 worth of goods duty free, and after that you'll be paying a 16$ tax fee on all of your assets. It is worth checking out the specific guidelines for the country you are entering, as the tax prices vary greatly between different countries.

Declaring goods

When you enter most countries you are required by law to declare certain goods and items, generally those that are considered dangerous to other people or items that may cause contamination of some kind. If you don't declare these items and they are found to be in your possession, you could be facing fines of up to $420,000, in Australia at least. Overseas these prices may vary, but most countries are not lenient when it comes to illegally bringing in goods. Make sure you declare everything you're moving with you to avoid such extreme fines.

All of these fees and costs will vary depending on the country you are relocating to. It is best to check the individual country regulation to ensure you are fully prepared for any unavoidable costs you may have to pay. Make sure you have applied for any visas you need and have checked the list of prohibited goods in the country you are entering. Governments generally take customs issues very seriously, so the more informed you are the less likely it will be that you will have to pay any additional fees, or have your prized possessions confiscated.


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