Testing the Validity of Home Warranty Products

Posted by Staff Reporter on May 02, 2018 04:50 PM EDT
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Testing the Validity of Home Warranty Productsmore big
Testing the Validity of Home Warranty Products

For first-time homeowners, it's always good to ask whether a home warranty is a valid product, or an elaborate scam? Truth be told, a home warranty can save you a fortune if you pick the right plan. Not every home warranty provider is legitimate or reputable. It is always wise to conduct extensive research by reading up on home warranty companies. For example, ReviewHomeWarranties.com is a respected authority on providing home warranty reviews, and they have already conducted the necessary legwork on the most trustworthy home warranty companies.

Are You Picking a Fly-By-Night Operator?

There are many fly-by-night operations promising maximum coverage, repairs or replacements to clients, but failing to deliver. These companies don't last long since unfavourable client reviews shut them down before too many people have been affected. Various additional resources can also be used to gauge the credibility of home warranty companies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustPilot, and other independent review sites. As a rule, homeowners should be aware of the following:

  • Never trust the reviews on the home warranty provider's website

  • Always contact the customer service team at the home warranty company to gauge the quality of service you can expect

  • Compare the services, plans and costs provided by home warranty companies with reputable comparison platforms

  • Conduct independent research of the home warranty company in your city or state

There are many other elements to consider with home warranty services. For example, if you're purchasing a brand-new home, chances are you don't need to worry about a home warranty for the first year. Why? Your appliances are going to be brand-new and they will be covered by manufacturer's warranty, or an extended manufacturer's warranty (if applicable). Appliances typically start to experience signs of wear and tear after the 4-year mark. From that point on, you can expect to be conducting regular repair and maintenance work on the systems and appliances.

Factors That Determine Which Home Warranty Service to Choose

This size of your home, and the area you live in are also determinants of the type of coverage you may need. For example, homes in Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Southern California, Texas and others experience blistering hot temperatures throughout the year. Air conditioning units are constantly running, and this places a toll on the lifespan of these systems. Likewise, homes in the north of the country and along the eastern shore typically experience freezing cold temperatures in wintertime and the heating systems are continually running.

Whenever systems and appliances are required to work overtime, they are subject to wear and tear. The type of climate also determines your home warranty needs. Wet, rainy, and windy conditions tend to create a lot of moisture problems in homes and this causes rust and malfunctioning appliances. Dry heat comes with other complications such as lots of dust, grit and grime which can also clog up systems. In any event, it's always better to pick a local home warranty company since they are suited to conditions in your area.

Leading Home Warranty Companies

The leading home warranty companies include the likes of SELECT Home Warranty, Choice Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, American Home Guard, and Advanced Home Warranty. These types of companies are highly rated in terms of pricing, client reviews, credibility and reputation, experience, and terms and conditions associated with their services. Whether you are a home owner, a home seller, or a homebuyer, you will want to consider all of these factors when determining whether a home warranty service is best suited to your needs.

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