Full list of ICO resources for 2018

Posted by Staff Reporter on Feb 23, 2018 09:20 AM EST
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Full list of ICO resources for 2018

Are you looking to launch a new cryptocurrency? Are you on the path of starting an ICO or are you looking for the best possible alternatives for investment? Are you rather confused by some terms widely used in cryptocurrency forums or communities? Regardless of which of the above describes you best, look no further, this article is destined for

We know how difficult the whole process of researching all there is to know about cryptocurrency can be - in order to launch your very own initial coin offering, you have to be informed, you have to know all the right resources and how to use them in the benefit of your unique business idea. Same applies if you're not looking to launch an ICO, but you want to constantly monitor existing ones and make an informed decision when investing.

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of resources that includes the latest in ICO for 2018 - we hope this will help you find the right initial coin offering website for your needs and always know the latest trends, promising ideas and ICO investment opportunities. Let's discover them together!

10 Must Use Crypto Web Resources

#1 Bitcoin Talk Forum

This forum is ideal for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, as you can choose from multiple threads depending on the topic you're interested in - from alternative blockchains to token sales or discussions about the ICOs with the best potential for long term growth. Just look through the threads, maybe create an account yourself and get in touch with people who share similar interests and maybe you can acquire additional knowledge too!

#2 CryptoCompare

This is a great resource for people who always want to be in the know when it comes to the state of cryptocurrency markets. You can monitor the growth or decrease of each cryptocurrency through this interactive platform and keep in touch with trends at all times.

#3 CryptoSmile

This informative website is great for keeping up with newly launched ICOs. It is also a good source of information for people who plan to invest in a new project. You can look through the blog posts and see if something sparks your interest. The updates are fairly frequent which is always a plus.

#4 ICO Countdown

Yet another great resource for people who want to be in touch with the ICO market. This website showcases the newest crypto projects, while also verifying their viability. As such, you can avoid scams and make sure you invest in a worthwhile project.

#5 ICO Rating

A must-check resource for all interested investors. This website ranks companies that are planning to launch an ICO by giving them certain ratings - they can be positive or stable. It also comes up with a risk evaluation so that investors can identify promising projects and avoid possible frauds.

#6 Token Market

The perfect resource for those of you looking to buy tokens. This website helps you find the best token sale deals and the top projects worth investing in. You can also use it for crowdsales.

#7 CryptoIncome

Looking for the best advice on how to ensure the profitability of your ICO? This website has come up with the ultimate guide on how to turn your ICO into a success. Written by Ben Krypto, it is certainly one of the most, if not the most detailed ICO to-do on the web. This website has a ton of other informative content as well so it's definitely worth a peek.

#8 Crush Crypto

This is a great resource for beginners especially, as it contains a rich library of resources that initiate interested people in the wonder world of cryptocurrency - from how-to-begin guides to a series of weekly articles called „Crush Crypto Weekly" that help you keep in touch with the newest trends.

#9 The Reddit ICO Crypto Forum

Similar to the first resource we listed, this Reddit forum can provide you with a lot of valuable information, provided that you have the patience to look through it post by post. Also, if you're unaware of this, a lot of new ICOs and projects are firstly announced here, so it can't hurt to be a part of this community, especially if you're interested in the topic, right?

This is also a great resource to check out if you have a specific ICO question you're looking to get an answer on, because the community is very active.

#10 Cryptocurrency Wordpress Theme 

If you've made it this far on our list, we salute you and therefore we want to offer you one last additional resource. If you're looking to create your very own ICO website, why not choose to popularize your cryptocurrency via Wordpress? You can personalize your theme and give your business a great online calling card!

These are just some of the great ICO resources the web has in store for you. We hope you enjoyed looking through them and found exactly what you're looking for!

Keep calm and learn more about crypto!

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