Top 5 Best Home Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ 2018

Posted by Staff Reporter on Feb 11, 2018 05:41 PM EST
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Top 5 Best Home Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ 2018more big
Top 5 Best Home Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ 2018

Looking for best home inspection service in Phoenix in Arizona?

Check out the list that we compiled for you to save money and time.

Here you go!

Top 5 Best Home Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ 2018

1) King Home Inspections

King Home Inspections was one of the first licensed home inspection companies in the state of Arizona. The firm only employee inspectors that have extensive construction backgrounds. Even though King Home are inspecting a property that is already built them wants them to understand what has gone on behind that drywall. Those inspectors are then personally trained by the company's standards.

2) 1st Insight Inspections

1st Insight Inspections is Arizona Certified Home Inspectors, who have conducted thousands of home inspections in Phoenix metro area.

1st Insight Inspections
(Photo : 1st Insight Inspections) 1st Insight Inspections

1st Insight Inspections is dedicated to providing client with “peace of mind“ by performing a professional detailed home inspection, , and then educating you about the issues, and condition uncovered by the home inspector.

1st Insight Inspections is a service-oriented inspection company, which serves both home buyers and home sellers.

1st Insight’s standard buyer’s inspection, and seller’s listing inspection come with: 90 Day Warranty (sellers inspection 120 day warranty), Sewer Guard, Platinum Roof Protection, Mold Safe, and a ReCall Chek.

3) BBACA Engineering

BBaca Engineering is one of Arizona’s oldest home and building inspection engineering firms that specializes in structural and foundation evaluation. Since 1996, the firm have performed thousands of home and building inspections throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and all over the state of Arizona.

4) Desert State Home Inspections

Desert State Home Inspections, has over eighteen years experience providing home buyers and investors with excellent, consistent service. Confidence is knowing what to expect when purchasing a home. The team of State Certified Inspectors will carefully exam the roof, foundation, exterior, HVAC equipment, plumbing, electrical, interior as well as built-in appliances.

5) Buyers Protection Group

BPG provides consumer-centric services to help real estate professionals, buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions. The Company has been providing home inspections since 1989.

BPG is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and operates in 14 states with a focus on the top 25 housing markets. The Company manages a network of approximately 300 employees (including employee inspectors), affiliates, and technology to deliver home warranties, home inspections, commercial and multi-family inspections, reserve studies, property disclosure reports, radon testing and monitoring, and pest inspections.

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