4 examples of a powerful real estate network

Posted by Staff Reporter on Feb 11, 2018 04:08 PM EST
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4 examples of a powerful real estate networkmore big
4 examples of a powerful real estate network

Often I opine on the reasons one should hire a commercial real estate broker to guide a building search or disposition of a parcel of commercial real estate. Number one on my list is the value of a commercial real estate broker’s network.

Today, I want to discuss this reason a bit more in-depth: The value of a great commercial real estate network.

We all understand how contacts in the field of construction, architecture, title, escrow, and lending are important to the success of a transaction — they all play an integral role — and in some cases, a deal can’t happen without their function. However, the true value of a great network reveals itself when there’s a problem that must be solved to advance a sale.

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