Are you looking for a best real estate lawyers in Los Angeles Area? Then you came to the right place.

Finding the right lawyers are always time consuming and not that easy.

You can check out the top 5 best real estate lawyers list below to save time and money.

1) Schorr Law

Schorr Law, A Professional firm is a boutique real estate law firm. For the past decade, Schorr Law’s attorneys have dedicated themselves to fully understanding the real estate litigation in its craft. Schorr Law does not generalize in its practice area as other law firms do. Schorr Law specializes and concentrates maily on real estate law. Schorr Law’s lead attorney, Zachary Schorr, is even widely sought after by the media to give legal commentary on real estate matters. He has appeared on various TV shows such as Dr. Phil, ABC World News Tonight, and ABC Nightline.

Schorr Law’s extensive experience in adversarial proceedings includes trials as well as many different types of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and binding arbitration. Lead attorney, Zachary Schorr, has a proven track record for achieving great results. He got a $4.6 million judgment in favor of his clients in a difficult and compliated real estate fraud scheme, a $2.5 million payout to his client following a long jury trial in a real estate dispute involving a public agency, and many other big judgments.

2) The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner

Attorney Deborah Bronner has over twenty-five years of professional legal experience and has put together a team of staff members dedicated to helping all of her clients succeed with their goals of home retention. The focus and mission of The Law Offices of Deborah R. Bronner is to help distressed homeowners navigate the choppy waters of keeping their homes after struggling to make their mortgage payments every month and/or after defaulting on their mortgage payments.

3) The Rad Firm, APC

 The Rad Firm, APC is a boutique law firm located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Our focus is on providing comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. The firm believes in creating lasting relationships with our clients to help ensure their businesses succeed and their investments are protected. Whether client need the Rad Firm to represent them in a contentious lawsuit or in negotiating an agreement, client's will find that the take an honest and effective approach to practicing law.

4) The Law Offices of Azuka L. Uzoh

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Uzoh worked 22 years as a professional Manufacturing and Quality Engineer where he was recognized as a new technology and business development specialist. He earned numerous awards for his management and leadership skills. Mr. Uzoh has participated in extensive leadership training at the famed Dale Carnegie Training Center.Mr. Uzoh is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles. Mr. Uzoh served as Executive Director of the Los Angeles Housing Law Project where he worked on Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) with the Los Angeles Housing Department. He is currently a Board member of the Los Angeles Housing Law Project.Mr. Uzoh earned his Bachelor’s of Art degree in Engineering from Weber State University and his Jurist Doctorate Degree from the University of West Los Angeles.

5) Kelley•Semmel LLP

Kelley•Semmel, LLP is a law firm focused on selected law practices, most notably Business Litigation and Employment Law. The firm represent a diversity of clients in business disputes, real estate disputes and employment matters. No matter the interest in dispute, the firm's attorneys offer deep substantive knowledge of the law, attention to detail, personal attention and ethical advocacy. The firm investigate each matter thoroughly, consider the client's goals, and develop a legal strategy early in each case.