Top 5 Best Real Estate Online Schools in 2018

Posted by Staff Reporter on Jan 31, 2018 02:37 PM EST
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Top 5 Best Real Estate Online Schools in 2018more big
Top 5 Best Real Estate Online Schools in 2018

Looking for an online course to study real estate? There are many options out there to choose from. However, we have selected top 5 courses that can help to make decision.

Please check out the Top 5 Best Real Estate Online Schools Below

1) RealEstateU®

(Photo : RealEstateU) RealEstateU

RealEstateU is an online real estate school that offers real estate salespersons courses in New York, Texas, California, and Pennsylvania. We offer practical, innovative, and quality online education for those seeking to enter into the real estate industry.All of our courses are offered at the most affordable prices available. We are able to offer great prices because we produce all of our own content, rather than license our content from a third party.

What makes RealEstateU unique is that we offer courses that consist of online video and audio training, taught by experienced professionals, which are designed to satisfy the needs of fast-paced, time-constrained students. You can take the course on any web browser using a desktop computer, or you can even watch the course on-the-go using a smartphone or tablet. You simply need to have an internet connection. This allows students to get their real estate license much quicker than if they took the course in-person at a local school.

Each of our courses are designed to accommodate multiple learning styles. Over the years we learned that some students prefer to watch videos, some are more visual learners, while others prefer to read or listen to lessons. Based on student feedback, we designed our courses to include video or audio lessons with transcripts of each lesson. In addition, we designed dozens of infographics and diagrams to help visually explain the more important topics in the course.

All of our courses are backed by excellent customer support. We offer 24/7 email support where we respond to every email within minutes. If a student has a question about the course material, they can email the course instructor any day of the week.

RealEstateU has over 900 positive reviews and a 4.6 star rating on Groupon.

2) The Austin Institute of Real Estate

“It is our belief that the more successful we can make our students, the more successful we will be. As agents become productive and successful in building their business, they honor us with their patronage and come back to us for their renewal, continuing education, personal development and coaching courses. It’s truly a win-win situation.”

Lynn Morgan, co-owner Austin Institute of Real Estate

Through school's variety of courses, delivery methods, and experienced staff, we are able to offer each and every student a comprehensive real estate education.

What other schools will not tell student is that student's license guarantees you nothing. In order to set students up for success and to truly understand everything it takes to navigate through the world of real estate, it’s important to have not only a technical education (your license) but also a business and financial education.

It is with this comprehensive education that you will truly be prepared to represent buyers and sellers, negotiating best terms for your clients, and building your real estate business so students can spend more time working on growing business than actually performing the day-to-day operational tasks.

3) Donaldson Real Estate School

Donaldson Real Estate School was originally founded in 1974 by our beloved founder, C. Fred Donaldson. His passion was education and fair access to all, a mission we still strive to obtain each and every day. Followed by his son Keith Donaldson in 1980, Donaldson continued to grow as an educational resource in the Louisiana market. Adding professions such as insurance, mortgage, and home inspection to its already popular real estate and appraisal programs showed that Donaldson could maintain its quality and spread its mission to professionals in a wide variety of industries.

4) Tucker School of Real Estate

At the Tucker School of Real Estate hundreds of students learn how to succeed and attend pre-licensing classes yearly, making us one of the largest real estate schools in the area. The Tucker School of Real Estate has one of the most comprehensive, approved pre-licensing real estate school curriculum in Indiana. It also has one of the highest passing rates in the state, but also have highly trained, professional instructors who will prepare students for the state exam.

5) is the premier California real estate school, offering prospective California Salespersons and Brokers a convenient, cost-effective method to obtain their CA real estate license and succeed in the booming real estate industry! All of our courses are APPROVED by the California Bureau of Real Estate (calBRE).

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