Top 5 Best Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Washington, DC 2018

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 11:11 AM EST
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Top 5 Best Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Washington, DC 2018more big
Top 5 Best Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Washington, DC 2018

Are you searching for the best foreclosure defense lawyers in Washington, DC? Then you came to the right place.

We have listed the top 5 best foreclose defense lawyers in Washington, DC area to save your time and money.

Check out the list below!

1) Synergy Law LLC

Synergy Law LLC
(Photo : Synergy Law LLC) Synergy Law LLC

Synergy Law, LLC, is a Full Service Law Firm with a synergetic combination of legal professionals. The firm works with an extensive and experienced nationwide network of Attorneys who are in good standing with each of their respective State Bar Organizations. Our Attorneys have strong work ethic, sound integrity, and are dedicated to helping our clients receive the best possible resolution. These are extremely important characteristics that the firm demands from every Attorney to ensure complete representation and the ideal client experience. The firm emphasizes client care and communication so that every client feels like a top priority and not “just another client”.

Synergy Law LLC
Synergy Law LLC

2) Axsmith Law

Christine Axsmith has been fighting for clients’ rights for over twenty years. Throughout her legal career, Christine Axsmith’s passion has been to provide representation for people who are often at their most vulnerable point. Christine is licensed in both Washington, DC and the State of Pennsylvania. She has an excellent rating from AVVO and has represented over a hundred clients in Probate and Civil Court.

3) Samuelson Law

Samuelson Law is a boutique law firm that focuses upon handling commercial real estate and technology transactions, bankruptcies, and related litigation. Its niche is combining its practice areas to restructure distressed commercial real estate and LLC's, including workouts, recapitalizations, bankruptcies and sale-leasebacks and including handling any litigation associated therewith. This firm’s real estate and bankruptcy work includes (a) in the good times - acquisitions, joint development agreements and easements, leases (including air rights, ground, interior space, tower, rooftop, and governmental leases), subleases and licenses, and financing structures; and (b) in the bad times - workouts, foreclosures, landlord/tenant renegotiations and evictions, bankruptcies (including single asset real estate and Chapter 11’s), and LLC member disputes.

4) Shulman Rogers

The Foreclosure Practice Group is staffed with qualified attorneys, legal assistants, and other staff members ready to Foreclosure Practice group based in Marylandassist clients in achieving success. The department’s attorneys collectively have more than fifty years of experience representing secured creditors. Unlike some firms that only handle foreclosure-related matters, Shulman Rogers is a full-service law firm staffed by a team of seasoned lawyers with transactional and litigation experience.

5) Touchstone Law Firm, LLC

Touchstone Law Firm, LLC is one of the most respected full-service firms in suburban Washington, DC. We pride ourselves on setting the standard of excellence and providing well-researched, creative, competent legal adivce and consultancy to our clients. We focus our practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Immigration Law, Foreclosure Defense, Family Law and Litigation.

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