Top 5 Best Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago, IL in 2018

Posted by Staff Reporter on Jan 15, 2018 07:59 PM EST
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Top 5 Best Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago 2018more big
Top 5 Best Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago 2018
Berton N. Ringmore big
Berton N. Ring (Photo : Berton N. Ring)

You need a good lawyer when you deal with real estate as the transaction for real estate properties are enormous. You need to make sure that all the legal apsects of it are taken care with fully without any mistakes that can cost you big money. But choosing a good lawyer among hundreds of options are not that easy.

So we have compiled Top 5 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Chicago that you can choose for your need.

1) Berton N. Ring P.C

Berton N. Ring, P.C., based in Chicago, Illinois, is a litigation firm that has been providing aggressive and effective legal representation to individuals and businesses in civil matters since 1982, with specialties including consumer law, housing, real estate, commercial, and probate matters. The firm is nationally known for its expertise in landlord-tenant law, and supervising judges in Cook County has referred to the firm’s Principal Attorney, Berton N. Ring, as “one of the leading practitioners in the area of the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.” Mr. Ring has testified before the City of Chicago Housing committee, appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times as a leading authority on Landlord Tenant matters, and was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business and in the Business section of The Chicago Tribute. The firm has litigated 1000’s of cases, including complex bench and jury trials. Their repertoire of experience includes over 35 jury trials, over 165 appeals, 15 published appellate decisions, cross examination of all kinds of experts including CPAs, handwriting experts, technology experts, restaurant consultants, and the like. The firm has tried cases all over the State of Illinois, both in State Courts and in Federal Courts, and has tried cases that have lasted over 9 months.

Berton N. Ring
(Photo : Berton N. Ring) Berton N. Ring

Berton N. Ring, P.C.’s wide variety of cases includes trials and contested matters in the Administrative Courts before the Illinois Liquor Commission, Chicago Park District, and the Human Rights Commissions of the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago for both housing violations (sexual orientation discrimination) and employment violations (Pregnancy discrimination). The firm has prosecuted and defended matters in commercial litigation in all phases of the litigation process, including discovery, highly contested motion practice, trials (both bench and jury), and appeals in the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts.

Berton N. Ring, P.C. is well known for its success in the area of class actions, particularly in the area of landlord-tenant class actions. The firm has also handled highly contentious chancery matters involving ownership of real estate between business partners involving commercial units and redevelopment issues. The firm has extensive appellate experience, including over one hundred and sixty five appeals.

2) Levin Law, Ltd

Levin Law, Ltd. has grown from its humble beginnings in the kitchen of a Ukrainian Village Condominium. With each new client Alisa Levin has earned substantial trust and recommendations. An Illinois Super Lawyer for nearly a decade, Alisa has earned a very loyal following and mastered the art of long-term success. Alisa has substantial appellate, commercial litigation and real estate experience, and this knowledge is shared with all of Alisa's clients, young and old, large or small.

Growing from her law firm experience with small and large firms in both Illinois and Louisiana, Alisa has served many different kinds of corporate and individual clients and has a wealth of knowledge. Alisa has conducted jury trials, served as first-chair and sole counsel, and partnered with other lawyers and firms to co-chair and help with larger trials and has handled appeals in the high courts of Illinois, as well as in the federal courts, including the esteemed Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. We welcome inquiries about how hiring Levin Law can benefit your case, firm or organization and our consulting services are always expanding. We focus an awful lot on real estate litigation, but don't let that distract you.

Alisa Levin
Alisa Levin

Alisa has worked in many different areas of the law, from Trademark and Lanham Act matters, to business fraud cases and a lot of commercial litigation and appellate cases in between. Alisa's appellate record is exceptional. Let her experience be put to work for you or your company.

3) Ryan Law Group, Ltd

Ryan Law Group, Ltd. prides itself on its knowledge and experience in real estate law, combined with their accessibility for their clients.

Ryan Law Group have represented numerous real estate developers - developments ranging from a single family home to multi-unit condominiums. We represent families purchasing their first home, seasoned real estate investors, landlords and tenants.

4) Erwin Law, LLC

Erwin Law assists clients in all levels of these transactions, beginning with contract review through to closing. For purchasers, we assist in ensuring that all due diligence requirements are met. We guide through the loan process, and clarify tax, legal and other consequences. For sellers, we handle all conveyance issues, from title clearance matters to loan payoffs, and through transfer of ownership. We provide escrow services, negotiation of post-closing agreements and other value-added services.

5) Robson & Lopez

Robson & Lopez LLC is a law firm founded on the ideals that lawyers serve clients and the community and not the other way around. Robson & Lopez lawyers are passionate about their work and dedicated to their clients. They believe in giving back to their community. Robson & Lopez lawyers have received several awards for their efforts to bring justice to the Chicagoland area by taking pro bono cases on issues that have great impact on the everyday consumer. In many of these cases, Robson & Lopez clients would not have been able to afford an attorney and would likely face unfair, adverse consequences because of it.

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