Pros & Cons Of Living In Manhattan

Posted by Staff Reporter on Jul 06, 2017 02:13 PM EDT
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Pros & Cons Of Living In Manhattan (Photo : Pexels)

Pros & Cons Of Living In Manhattan

There are some essential things anybody who is looking to move to a new place must consider before deciding on the area to move to. As much as some of these considerations are general, some of them are actually due to personal preferences. One of the most sought after areas of residence in the United States is the Manhattan area. However, before you place all your chips in this part of the city, you have to look at the pros and cons of living in this seemingly highbrow area of the New York City.

The Pros Of Living In Manhattan

One of the most prevalent attitudes of the 21t century, especially in the developed world is depression. This is caused by a whole lot of factors, mostly due to lack of drive, and the unavailability of people to talk to and socialise with. The first pro of living here is that the lifestyle is so vibrant. The energy that this part of the world exudes is so much that you won't want to die if you stay here.

This is one of the oldest areas in New York City, so the sights to be seen are so numerous. You don't have to make holidays to other places when you live here because everything you will like to see is around you. The cobblestone alleys designed sidewalks are busting. The skyscrapers are great to behold and the picturesque parks, trees and open areas are great for family outings. The bars and restaurants, the shopping life, and the diverse culture and people will make you love here. There is a great movies theatre, waterfronts, outdoor cafes, and many other great things.

This is the heart of the city and that of the world, and many people will enjoy living in the centre of the world. If you know how to get more no deposit casino bonuses, you will always choose to live here. The number of businesses, offices, and commercial opportunities here are uncountable. That is how job opportunities are scattered here. So, moving here somehow automatically translates to getting a good job.

You will also enjoy amazing convenience when it comes to getting around. In fact, it has the best transportation system in the entire city because every train from the east and west passes through here.

Getting to the FRD drive is easy too.

You can walk if you like.

You can make use of your Vespa or Scooter because the roads are amazing.

The real estate market here is amazing. If you need a hilltop or seaside home, you will get one. You will get homes with all you need, enough space, amazing views, dog and kid friendly and lots of amenities. The real estate here is also of great value if you are buying.

Cons Of Living In Manhattan

One major con of living here is that it is more expensive than other areas. While the whole food prices are the same with other places, the cost of housing and other things are higher here. Some say it's crazy expensive here.

Another thing is that the weather may not be friendly and modest. Summer is always extremely hot, while the winter could be very miserable here.

Again, there is always the tendency for people who live here to be lost in the vibrancy and diversity of the city. This can eat you up and make you lose yourself, making it essential for you to leave here if you must feel normal again.

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