Anniversary Ideas to Bring You Closer Together

Posted by Staff Reporter on Jul 04, 2017 11:53 AM EDT
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Anniversary Ideas to Bring You Closer Together

Whether this year sees your first anniversary as a married couple or whether you've been together for so long that you've almost lost count, choosing the right gift for your partner requires some serious consideration. Nobody gets any prizes for simply popping into the garage on the way home and grabbing a bunch of wilting flowers, or picking up a box of random chocolates from the convenience store shelf, so if you're serious about impressing your loved one on this special occasion you need to find something a lot more meaningful. This anniversary, surprise that special someone with a gift that brings you closer together as a couple - something that strengthens the bond between you by reflecting your shared experiences or by creating new memories. Celebrate your marriage with a token of love that truly expresses the way you feel.

The Anniversary Playlist

No matter how long you have been together, no doubt you have a collection of special songs that mean something important to you both. From the song that was playing on the night you met to the first dance at your wedding, every couple have a range of meaningful and significant music that forms the soundtrack to their marriage. For a cost effective yet incredibly romantic gift, create a CD or playlist of all of those tunes that have played a key role on your life together and then enjoy dancing the night away with each other, reminiscing about old times.

Say it With Flowers

Back in the 19th century, the language of flowers was alive and well and spoke volumes about the giver's feelings for the recipient. Each blossom has its own special meaning which can convey a secret message of love, so what better gift to give your other half on the anniversary of your wedding than a bouquet that has been specially chosen to express your heartfelt emotions. Why not go for a replica of your wedding bouquet as a poignant reminder of that happy occasion? Or alternatively, why not present your loved one with the ultimate symbol of romance, a single red rose? If you like the idea of flowers but are looking for a gift that is a little more long-lasting, a glazed rose with beautiful 24 karat gold detailing could be the ideal solution. Perfectly expressing your devotion while remaining as an enduring token of your love, this is a gift that is sure to impress.

Share an Experience

If you're looking for an anniversary gift that is sure to strengthen your relationship, consider arranging a new experience for you to share together. As any married couple will attest, it is the shared experiences in life that mean the most, so make the most of your day together by doing something unexpected that will create magical memories that you will reminisce about for years to come. Try something exhilarating and exciting such as rock climbing, skydiving or bungee jumping together, or, for those who prefer more sedate pastimes, perhaps a couples massage or gourmet cookery class. There are a wealth of experiences that you can enjoy as a couple, so whether you've always wanted to learn salsa dancing or try a wine tasting course, make this anniversary year the time to do it.

Document Your Love

For a gift that is sure to bring you and your partner closer together, try documenting the story of your life together. Write a love poem, love story, or love letter and present it to your loved one in a decorated container for a message in a bottle with a difference, paint a picture that expresses your passion and romance, or, for those who lack the creative skill, why not create a photographic collage that displays images from the beginning of your relationship to the present time. By giving your present a personal touch, you can demonstrate the depths of your love and make this year's gift a truly special one.

Whatever you choose to give your loved one this year, remember that the most important thing is to take the time to celebrate your love and to reconnect with each other in a way that you will remember far into the future.

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