How to Lose Weight Fast for a Vacation

Posted by Staff Reporter on Jul 02, 2017 04:31 PM EDT
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How to Lose Weight Fast for a Vacation

Are you going on vacation but you still don't have the body of your dream? Don't panic! You can achieve for a couple of warm months more than for the cold period. The organism itself will help you get rid of some extra weight. Just look at girls from Natasha Dating - they all look gorgeous! Don't you want to look the same?

Where to start?

The desire to lose weight and the strong desire to lose weight - completely different things. You shouldn't just sadly look at your spare tire and sigh looking at the three-digit figure on the scales with the thought that you need to lose weight. It is necessary to set a goal - to get rid of this hateful weight! Do you want to be beautiful, slim and healthy, live a long and happy life in a body full of energy? If yes, then begin the process of transformation as soon as possible.

1. Choose the specific date to which your goal should be achieved and the desired weight or body size that you want to have.

2. Write your goal on a piece of paper with specific numbers and put this sheet in a notable place so that it often catches your eye and reminds you of your goal. You must live with it, always remember it, visualize yourself slim and thin because our thoughts are material. Things that we want sincerely and wholeheartedly will come true!

3. Believe in yourself, in your goal and in the fact that you reach it! But remember that success comes to those people who do some actions for it and not just dream.

Proper nutrition is the key to success

It is necessary to lose weight by 3-5 kg ​​per month in order to easily maintain your result. Then the body has time to adjust to a new weight and the process of losing weight doesn't become stress, and your body will not give out protective unwanted reactions. This can be achieved by proper nutrition. Also, if you want to know how to treat a Russian woman, here's something for you.

Try to adjust your eating habits a little

Divide your daily meal into five or six small portions. The last meal should be no later than four hours before bedtime. And it's better if it's a light dinner such as cottage cheese, vegetables, fish, fruits (all this can be combined).

Don't overeat, leave the table with a feeling of mild hunger.

Try to choose natural foods with a minimum of fat. Exclude the use of easily digestible carbohydrates. It is bakery products, sweet, sugar.

Drink up to 2 liters of pure water a day. A glass of water 20 minutes before a meal will reduce the feeling of hunger, and you will not eat more than you need. Also, you should avoid sweet fizzy drinks.

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable components of the daily diet as well as cereals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Go to the gym

So, you decided to start going to the gym. The sports form is bought, the fitness club is chosen, there is a motivation and a desire to change. How not to give up in the midst of the process?

1) Choose a gym near the house.

2) Don't be shy.

3) Look in the mirror more often.

Don't punish yourself for failures

Did you eat a harmful cake or a packet of chips? Well, you will have to work hard now. But don't punish yourself because of it. You are not a robot. Sometimes you have to reboot. The main thing is not to stop there. Guys from can totally motivate you!

Lose weight not for someone, but for yourself

It should be your conscious decision, not the whim or desire of your man, the recommendations of envious friends and colleagues at work. First, evaluate the situation and ask yourself whether you need to lose weight at all. Maybe it's not so bad and you just need to correct some parts of the body. If, in fact, you are the owner of a dozen (or even more) extra pounds, surprise your environment by getting rid of them. But remember that you do it not for getting their approval or earning extra points in their eyes, but in order to be healthy, beautiful and like your reflection in the mirror.

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