From Brick to Click - The Change in the Landscape

Posted on Jun 08, 2017 11:30 PM EDT
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Technology is amazing. It is always on the move and expanding to create new possibilities and improve older ones. We can see this all aspects of life from the cars we drive, the devices we use to communicate, how we entertain ourselves, how we cook, book services and much more. Technology only gets faster as new ideas and instruments are developed, allowing things to move incredibly quick. One way in which technology is changing the landscape of how we live is in casinos, with the rise of digital machines.

Going to a casino is all about having fun. Whether at small or large venue, you can try multiple games. If you are a seasoned gambler or just looking to bet a bit of money, you can have a go at slots, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette or whatever else is available. Casinos can have a stylish atmosphere, with cool design and architecture, that invites like-minded people to enjoy their surroundings while chatting, playing a few games and having a drink. The sounds of a casino have been imagined onto our minds, even if we don't visit them, with the noise of coins flowing, cards being shuffled, a roulette spun and the satisfying clunk of a slot lever.

Some of this could be changing as the classic casino games are replaced with digital equivalents. A computerised slot machine for example will function the same way as a classic one, but with everything controlled and displayed on a screen instead, with a random number generator covering all of the possibilities fairly. This type of technology can be applied to anything, such as roulette and cards. These machines are rising in popularity because they can be cheaper to use and maintain, and they can be easily modified and improved, so the game you play is kept fresh, rather being stuck in how it plays and is used when it was originally built.

An increase in such a technology can mirror how popular online casinos have become. You can take the likes of Lucky Nugget Casino that you can download and play on your smart device. Their NZ online casino has a wealth of games available, with new ones frequently being added. They will operate similarly to their physical computerised counterparts but with increased convenience. You can play wherever and whenever you like. If you are relaxing at home, on the bus, waiting for food, etc., you can have a quick go.

Online casinos have allowed people without any nearby brick based gambling locations to have a try at the games. People who have never considered going to a casino are just a few clicks away from having a flutter on their phone. While you can lose the social aspects of visiting a real establishment, you can make up for it with wearing your pyjamas and watching the TV at the same time, though you will need to sort out your own drink order.

As casinos, both real and virtual, adopt computer technology, it's hard to say whether a land based gaming house can compete with the online realms, but a merger may be what both need.

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